Omniblend: Touchpad or Variable Speed

When you're into raw food diet, you need an excellent blender that efficiently breaks down cellulose in food and produces photochemical-rich smoothies, pureed drinks, ground seeds, ice cream, crushed ice, sauces and other raw food dishes. If you're looking for the best blender on the market today, OmniBlend is definitely one of the most affordable and top-notch brands. 

OmniBlend models fall under two types: variable speed blenders and touchpad blenders. Let's discuss their specifications, differences and advantages.

Variable Speed Blenders

OmniBlend variable speed blenders include the TM-767 OmniBlend V and TM-767A OmniBlend V. Variable speed blenders have useful features and functions. They come with a Variable speed control with single-touch 35-, 60- and 90-second per-programmed profiles and low, medium, high and pulse functions. The variable speed control and versatile multi-functions help you produce a finer blend. The 3hp blender comes with heavy duty blades that easily blend, puree, grind, chop and break down any ingredient. The pulse full function allows the motor to operate at a high level as long as you keep pressing the soft-touch pulse button. This is a great feature, especially when crushing ice cubes and kneading dough. Moreover, variable speed blenders can handle both wet and dry applications.

Touchpad Blenders

There are two models under the touchpad blender category: the TM-800 OmniBlend V and TM-800A OmniBlend V. The main feature of touchpad blenders is the single-touch auto timer that includes 35-, 60- and 90-second per-programmed cycles. The timer setting begins at low, proceeds to medium and goes to high within 3-4 seconds after starting up. The 60-second timer setting is programmed to stop automatically at about half time, whereas the 90-second timer setting is programmed with three auto-stops. This feature is useful for mixing the ingredients effectively. A two-second stop helps bring the top of the raw food back down toward the blade. During the blending cycle, touchpad blenders start again at low, medium and then high. Touchpad blenders also have the Pulse Full Function.

What you’ll get with Your OmniBlend 3hp Blender

All OmniBlend products have a scratch-resistant mixing jug made from a highly durable polycarbonate, either with a 2L or 1.5L capacity. The blenders remain stable in various temperature ranges. They also have double protection which refers to the thermo switch protection on the motor and overload reset button on the machine. The blenders also come with a tamper which you can use to start the blending process quickly, which is especially handy if you add whole vegetables and fruits that are not cut up.

When you buy the product, it comes with the base unit equipped with a 3hp German motor that makes the blade spin incredibly fast at 40,000 rpm. The blender is perfect for home use, but, if you have a restaurant or cafe, the OmniBlend makes a high powered and very efficient commercial blender.

On the whole, variable speed blenders offer more advantages than touchpad blenders, although both are definitely efficient food machines with powerful motors. Whichever you choose, you'll find it easy and convenient to make raw food recipes that are jam-packed with nutrients and are much healthier. Among the various blenders for sale today, OmniBlend brings you top quality paired with an affordable price. If you're looking to purchase a new blender, then OmniBlend variable speed blenders are a great choice.

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