The OmniBlend I

Ice, frozen fruits and nuts are no match for this 3 HP Blender.

This blender has the same user interface as the Vitamix Total
Nutrition Center 5200, which means that you have a turn-dial to
control the RPM.

With 1,5 Ltr or 2 Ltr Jugs

The Omniblend I and V have two configurations.
The 1,5 ltr Container is BPA free, but limited
capacity, unlike the 2 ltr jug.

Both unbreakable.

Introducing the OmniShield

Reduce the noise up to 80%

Perfect for restaurants and hotel kitchens.

Also sold separately.

Our latest range of OmniBlend Blenders

Welcome to OmniBlend

OmniBlend is an online store dedicated to promoting one of the world’s best commercial blenders, and making it easily available to South Africans. If you like blending as much as Kauai does, why not get the blender that professionals use? Omniblend is the one-stop shop for vegans, raw foodists, bars, restaurants, hotels, and (aspiring) chefs!!

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Powerful Blenders for Every Kitchen

OmniBlend is the only reliable, robust 3HP blender at a competitive price

Whether you are a novice culinary buff, or an experienced chef, blenders make an inevitable component of your kitchen. OmniBlend makes your life much easier every day. OmniBlend is dedicated to bringing the world’s best commercial blenders to the citizens of South Africa. From delicious soups to yummy ice creams, our blenders have infinite possibilities in an active kitchen. Are you an energetic homemaker who would love to blend new delicacies every day for your family? You may need the blenders that professionals use in hotels and restaurants to keep up with your busy activities. Modernize your kitchen with a blender from OmniBlend and lead a healthier lifestyle. OmniBlend offers the latest technology directly from its manufacturers. Our customers’ positive feedback fuels our efforts to provide South Africa with the best blenders of the world.

Commercial blenders outperformed 5 to 1

OmniBlend blenders are the best performers when it comes to commercial use. It can handle the demanding heavy-duty blending chores in a commercial environment, quite effortlessly. These have been designed to last long, and the OmniBlend blenders are the best when it comes to durability and robustness. The quality of our blenders does not come with a hefty price tag. Our 3HP blenders, which are as capable as its expensive counterparts does not have a heavy price tag. OmniBlend offers its little wonders at amazingly low prices.

If used properly, our blenders will last for many years in any environment. We guarantee you that blenders from OmniBlend can outlast other popular blenders by at least five times. These blenders are not only durable, but also energy efficient. The 3HP motor can handle any tough blending task smoothly without a hurdle. The power, efficiency, and the low price tag make OmniBlend the most tempting blender brand in South Africa.

What our customers say about our OmniBlend blender

Still, not convinced? Just check out our Testimonials page, and know it from the very words of our satisfied customers. You need not be worried about the value for money, because we offer you the most comprehensive warranties in South Africa. If at all, your blender faces some snag, which is very unlikely, we have all the parts and accessories in stock whenever you may need them. If you face any problem with our products, we are always right by your side to assist you. We have the most experienced customer service executives at our customer support desk, always ready to assist you in your times of need. We also give away free recipe books for every purchase. Check out our shop page and make the purchase right away. We are confident that you would come back with new purchase orders.

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The Omniblend Blenders come already with an extended warranty of 3 years, but we offer also an extended 7-year warranty to make your blender completely bulletproof.
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