Preventing Wear & Tear with correct use

How to prevent wear and tear

The teeth of both the blade and drive socket can wear out prematurely - this video below shows how to prevent this and keep your drive socket and blade in tip-top condition. 


VIDEO: How to prevent wearing and tear





Stripped versus worn out drive sockets

There are 2 types of drive socket breakage and each type has its own root cause. Firstly, drive sockets can strip from the inside or secondly, the teeth of the drive socket can wear out. This one-pager explains the root causes for both types of breakage, and advises how these breakages can be prevented.

Drive socket stripped

1. Stripped Drive socket

CAUSE: A stripped drive socket can be caused by misuse or it can strip by accident. A stripped drive socket is disconnected from the drive shaft (of the motor) and moves either independently from the motor, or haphazardly with the motor.

PREVENTION: The following actions will help to prevent a stripped drive socket:

  1. Always start on the LOWEST speed setting;
  2. Only use the PULSE function for already blended smoothies;
  3. Start with enough liquid in the jug. When blending frozen fruit, make sure the contents are moving around with enough liquids.

Drive Socket New Top Drive Socket Worn

2. Worn out Drive Socket

CAUSE: The wearing out of a drive socket is caused by misuse only, and is for this reason not covered under warranty. The wearing out of a drive socket has only 1 cause: blade assembly is moved during operation.

PREVENTION: The following actions will help to prevent a stripped drive socket:

  1. Never remove the jug from the blender whilst the drive socket is still spinning.
  2. Never move the jug backwards and forwards (tilting) to mix the contents whilst the blender is in operation.
  3. Avoid touching the blender and jug (never tilt the jug whilst using the tamper).