Summer no-bake passionfruit coconut slices

granadilla-passionfruit-sliceThis coconut and passionfruit slice is the perfect summer desert recipe. They’re easy to prepare, and you don’t need the oven! The delicious coconut flavour with the sweet zingy passionfruit topping make every sweet tooth’s eyes twinkle. The recipe calls for just a little honey and it’s the wholesome ingredients that create the magic of this tasty treat.

Even though a blender and food processor have different uses, the OmniBlend can double as a food processor in some applications. Here we're sharing a few tips and tricks to make use of your OmniBlend blender where a recipe calls for a food processor.

This Passionfruit Coconut Slice recipe by Donna Hay uses nuts to make a wholesome crust instead of grinding sugary cookies. In a food processor the blades are placed loose in the bowl, making it easy to scrape a dough or buttery texture out of the bowl. The blender jug blade is attached, so to make a nut crust, grind the nuts in your OmniBlend, decant the ground nuts into a bowl and mix in the coconut oil and honey. Easy as that! We recommend the narrow base jugs for grinding dry ingredients, and the smoothie cup with adaptor works excellent for grinding too. The narrow base jugs are suited for blending drinks, pureeing food, and grinding of dry ingredients which is the versatility you want for your kitchen.

For the cashew coconut layer the recipe calls for a food processor too. And here a high performance blender is actually giving you a smoother result with less effort. We’d recommend soaking the cashews for about 3-4 hours before using them. Not that it’s necessary to soften them before blending, but purely to make the nutrients more readily available to digest, as the soaking activates the enzyme phytase. This enzyme then works to breaks down the phytic acid which binds minerals like iron, calcium and zinc.As the phytic acid is broken down, these important minerals become available for digestion.

Blend the cashew coconut layer as the recipe describes, and our trick is then to use a silicon spatula  to scrape the last bit of the mixture out of the jug.

To make these bars vegan, use maple syrup instead of honey. Give them a try, we tested the recipe, and loved it!






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