OmniBlend V - 2 Ltr Pro

With a reputation as one of the best kitchen appliances, the OmniBlend blender is perfect for making smoothies, soups, dips and more. The commercial strength blender is also able to crush ice and grind nuts, which makes it one of the best blenders on the market.
Fit for use in both household and restaurant kitchens, the OmniBlend is perfect for both novice cooks and master chefs.
The OmniBlend has a built-in overload reset button and thermal shut off switch on the motor that protects it from burning out and post-load shedding power surges.
At 38 000 revolutions per minute, the mechanism will whip up a mini tornado of goodness and health right in your kitchen. Click here to see all the features. If you are not sure which blender to choose click here.



This blender will fit both the 1.5 Ltr and the 2 Ltr jug.
Both jug sizes are heat-resistant up to 120 Celcius.
Both jugs sizes are easy to handle, virtually unbreakable and extremely easy to clean.
The built-in blade assembly (which can be removed and replaced separately) consists of 6 stainless steel blades with which you can blend anything from frozen fruits, ice, nuts, etc.


The blender is available in maroon, black and white. 

What comes in the box

Motor Base
2 Ltr Jug
Essential Recipes
Getting Started Guide
Deliciously Raw
2 Ltr Tamper


MOTOR: 3 Horse Power Output
FUNCTIONS: Three preset speeds and one touch timer function
JUG: Choice of 1.5 Ltr and 2 Ltr. Jug
VOLTAGE: 220-240V - 50-60Hz
WATTAGE: Peak 2,238 Wattage
NOISE: 83 Db
DIMENSIONS (CM): 51(H) x 19 (W) x 20 (D)
WEIGHT: 5.1 Kg
RPM: 23,000 to 38,000 RPM


For commercial use, the blender comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the blender, motor, parts and labour.
For domestic use, the blender comes with a 3-year warranty on the motor, parts and labor, except the blades (1 year). OmniBlend keeps stock of all spare parts for quick turnaround of any repairs.


We pride ourselves on great after-sales service. That is why we offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your OmniBlend blender, get in touch with us and we'll either organise a replacement, or give you your money back. It's your choice.



OmniBlend ships throughout South Africa, free of charge, for delivery 2 business days after receipt of proof of purchase. You are also welcome to collect from either our showroom in Cape Town, or our warehouse in Johannesburg. In a rush? Overnight shipping can be arranged too.


You are in great company. The OmniBlend is trusted by well-known brands. The OmniBlend is build for commercial use; you can be rest assured that your OmniBlend will work with all possible applications. Whether you’re making a delicious smoothie, pesto for your pasta, healthy nutbutters or just crushing ice for your cocktail, the OmniBlend can do it all.

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