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The power and performance of the OmniBlend have made it a popular blender for commercial and home use. Each application however has its own requirements, and therefore the OmniBlend can be used with different jugs. All jugs can be used interchangeably, so for different requirements you can use the jug best suited for the job on the same motor base. Jugs can also be ordered separately, so you can add on multiple jugs to speed up the process during rush hour. All jugs and blenders standard include a tamper. The tamper is the stick that is used through the lid to assist the blending process. Push the ingredients into the blades for a quick and easy smooth blend.

So what are the different jugs, and which is best for your use? Let’s clear it up so that you can decide which is the right choice for your needs.


1.5lt wide base jug

This is the original OmniBlend jug that is still the most popular in bars, coffee shops and restaurants. This jug has a wider base, making it particularly well suited for blending any kind of drinks. The jug works well for blending iced drinks, using ice cubes and a syrup of powder product for iced coffees and slushes. This is also a good jug for cocktails and smoothies. Some chefs prefer this jug over the narrow base because of the vortex it creates for blending sauces. This jug can also be used in combination with the sound cover.

Shop the 1.5lt wide base models here.


2lt narrow base jug

This jug is the original 2 liter jug that’s also referred to as the 2ltr Pro. The shape of this jug is tapered, with a base that is narrow in comparison to the 1.5lt wide base jug. This design still makes it suited to blend smoothies, soups, and cocktails, and it works well for blending thicker textures. The tighter fit around the blades makes it easy to blend hummus, spreads, nut butters, and those delicious nice-creams or smoothie bowls. The jug handles frozen fruit and ice cubes and can also be used for blending raw ingredients. The shape also makes it suited for grinding dry ingredients. That allows you to grind grains, nuts and seeds for fresh flours. This jug can't be used with the sound cover.

Shop the 2lt narrow base models here. 


1.5lt narrow base jug

This model has been introduced as a narrow base option that fits in the sound cover. The functionality is exactly the same as the 2lt jug, however the 2lt jug is too tall for the sound cover. For commercial use the 1.5lt narrow base jug is used for smaller serving sizes or smaller quantities. The 1.5lt narrow base jug is also the preferred choice for small households.

Shop the 1.5lt narrow base models here.


4lt jug

This jug has been introduced for food production environments. The jug is fitted with a larger blade than the other jugs, and is suited for liquidizing. It is used in old age homes, care centres, and plantbased food production facilities.


The Smoothie Cup

The Smoothie Cup offers the on-the-go option for quick and easy smoothies. The cup is also well suited for grinding dry ingredients, like linseed and nuts. Eateries also use this cup for smaller quantity sauces. The Smoothie Cup can be purchased as an accessory for your OmniBlend and the adaptor fits all models.

Shop the Smoothie Cup here.


In summary, our recommendations for the most common uses:

For a coffee shop making smoothies and iced coffees: the standard 1.5lt wide jug

For a health bar making smoothies and smoothie bowls: the 2lt narrow base jug or the 1.5lt narrow base jug

For a restaurant kitchen: chefs like the vortex of the 1.5lt jug, and for thicker textures or smaller quantities opt for 1 of the narrow base options.

For food production: the 2ltr or 4lt jug

For home use: the 1.5lt narrow base or 2ltr narrow base as they offer the versatility that is great in a home kitchen.



In the long run it’s good to know that the jugs can be repaired. The blade assembly is made of stainless steel and is replaceable. Over the years, when the blade assembly is worn out, the part can be replaced. This makes it an economical option for commercial use, and durable option for home use too.

The below video sums up the pros and cons of the different OmniBlend jugs. All 3 OmniBlend models can be purchased with any jug. You can find the most popular models for commercial use here, and for home use we’ve listed the options with the narrow base jugs. Please get in touch if you’d like any further guidance for your use.


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