1.5 Ltr Jug

The square wide shape of the 1.5lt jug makes it ideal for drinks using ice cubes, and frozen fruit, creating the right texture for slushies, smoothies, iced coffees, and cocktails. The shape makes it easy to clean and handle too, and the polycarbonate material is extremely durable in commercial environments. This jug size fits in the sound cover.

The stainless steel blades are strong, durable, and replaceable. The jug comes complete with lid and tamper, and fits all OmniBlend models. Jugs are interchangeable on the base, making it possible to work with different jug sizes on the same base. Or hold several jugs to handle high volumes and different flavours when you use your blender as a smoothie maker, lowering your investment and get the best blender price.

1.5 Litre square Jug with wide base with Stainless Steel Blades (6 blades in a 2-blade system), Lid and Tamper Set. Made extremely durable, it it can withstand 125KG of pressure and is sold with a tamper tool and a handy lid plug. 

The OmniBlend jugs are extremely easy to clean, see video below. 
Price includes shipping anywhere in South Africa. The Vita-mix compatible OmniBlend jug is suitable for both wet and dry blending in one jug, however, this 1.5 Ltr jug is better at blending liquids. For dry blending we recommend the OmniBlend 2 Ltr jug.

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