Why South African restaurants & cafés want to be bike friendly


South Africa’s cycling infrastructure is ever growing and the additional bike lanes make bicycle commutes possible, inspire to go for a leisurely ride, and open opportunities to rent a bike for a day to explore Cape Town or Johannesburg and enjoy the city ‘at the pace of the bicycle’ (if you don’t know how enjoying the city scenery is different on a bike versus car or walking, you’ll definitely have to give it a try to experience how it feels). Apart from that the number of avid road cyclists is on the increase, and especially leading up to the Cape Town Cycle Tour more Capetonians climb on their bikes, and visitors from all over South Africa and overseas head over to the Mother City to enjoy the world’s most scenic timed cycle race.



With it comes the demand for bike friendly restaurants and cafés, for a well-deserved or simply necessary stop to fill up your coffee cup, fix your bike or a lekker breakfast. Bicycle South recognizes these businesses that make an effort to be bike friendly and in return receive a host of benefits as part of the membership. Bike friendly businesses for example offer bicycle parking, a floor pump, plugins for charging cellphones, Wi-Fi, breakfast hampers or early riser breakfasts, special deals for cyclists (yup, coffee can be cheaper when you’re arriving on your bike!). Here's where you can find the list of bike friendly places, to plan your route and pop by for enjoyable stop.


As we love cycling around Cape Town on our classic Dutch style bikes ourselves (parked as decor at our office, we take them for a regular ride), we’re supporting certified Bike Friendly businesses (as recognized by Bicycle South) offering a 10% discount on equipment (blenders, jugs, and sound covers). Check all other benefits to become certified here, or if you’re certified already, browse our product line to scoop your deal.

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