5 best accessories for your blender


A blender is no longer an appliance just for blending fruit smoothies. The OmniBlend is a high-performance blender, making it suited for a whole lot more than that. Nut milks, smoothie bowls, hummus, nice creams, nut butters, date syrups, pestos and dips are better when you know which quality ingredients are being used, adding a touch of your own preference. The strong OmniBlend motor, and stainless steel parts easily blend ticker textures with ice, frozen fruits, and raw vegetables, and require minimal oils or liquid.

To make the most out of the OmniBlend, we've listed our favourite accessories. The number 1 accessory is already included with your blender, and it's the tamper. This stick makes it possible to blend thick and creamy textures, by stirring the ingredients in the jug, or pushing it into the blades. You use the tamper through the lid so that it never touches the blades and you can safely blend a creamy nice cream or smooth nut butter.


These are the other additions we think work great with your OmniBlend:



Whether you’re blending a nut butter, hummus, smoothie bowl, broccoli puree, pesto, or whipping up a cake batter: you’ll want to get everything out of the jug to enjoy. The Le Creuset spatula is tried and tested by us in many recipes, and we love how it fits into the corners to be able to scrape around the blades.




Plant-based milk is readily available, however generally quite expensive, or with additives to improve the shelve life or added sweeteners that are not to everyone’s taste (or diet). So step up your game, and make your own! It’s really simple, and all it takes is a few hours of soaking, a quick blend, and then straining it in a nutmilk bag. The nutmilk bag is also a great accessory if you’re looking to get a juice every now and then. Simply blend your apple, raw beetroot, carrot, and ginger root with a little water and strain the juice in the nutmilk bag for a delicious fresh glass of ABC juice, or make a fresh celery juice.



Smoothie bowls and nice creams have stolen our hearts, and you can go wild and decorate yours to perfection with nuts, seeds, drizzles and fresh fruits. A bowl doesn’t need much extra when served in the gorgeous original Amazonia coconut bowl available through MyRainbowl that make bright acai bowls pop. Create a holiday feeling every breakfast!  (Picture courtesy Amazonia South Africa)




For most of us the days that a milk moustache was kind of cute are over, and a thick and creamy smoothie just tastes better when you sip it with a straw! We love the glass straws that have a great feel, and are robust and  super easy to clean with the little brush that’s included with this set of Stream Straws. If you prefer bamboo or stainless steel, you’ll want to check RESTRAW. Restaurants and bars can opt to add their own branding and make a stand against plastic. Check our combo package with the OmniBlend V – 1.5ltr for a great discount on your order of high quality straws for your business. (Picture courtesy RESTRAW)




Last but not least, the sieve is particularly useful if you’re using your blender as part of your cooking process. When you make a soup and need fry some chopped onion and garlic, all you need to do is peel the cloves and onion, half the onion, and add them to the OmniBlend jug with 1 ½ cup water. Use the pulse to chop as often as required, usually 4 to 5 pulses will give you a courseness perfect for cooking. Now decant the contents into a sieve and allow the water to drip and you’re ready to cook! The sieve is also great to make your own cauliflower rice, following the same principle of cutting the cauliflower and pulsing it with a bit of water. 



These accessories come in handy with all models, however we recommend the OmniBlend I - 2ltr Pro as our most versatile model allowing you to make everything mentioned here. The narrow base works well for making creamy textures, as well as grinding dry ingredients (like nut or seed flours). The turn dial of the OmniBlend I allows for variable speed control, giving you full control over the power, and has a pulse function too. Looking for more inspiration? Browse our recipes

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