Complete and compliment your Kitchen with an Omniblend Blender

Are you a professional chef or a home maker? Do you own a shack, cafe or a restaurant? Are you a vegetarian or a hard core non vegetarian? Whatever you are, whether you cook for fun, or take cooking very seriously, you will surely thank Omniblend, because we present you our 3hp blender range with which blending anything will become cake walk for you. A blender is a tool that assists in making mouth melting desserts, refreshing smoothies, savoury soups, mincing meat with that perfect texture and hundred other chores in a kitchen.  We are a dedicated online store and we promote simply the best blenders of world class quality and features to the lovely people of South Africa. Buy Blenders of professional quality having professional features at dream like rates.

 Remarkable features

  • Super fast and super powerful, effortlessly blends hard and solid items.
  • Very safe to use, has an automatic mechanism for handling overload.
  • Beautifully designed blenders, a jewel for your kitchen counter.
  • Save electricity by choosing the 3hp blenders by Omniblend because it’s extremely light on wattage.
  • Technologically advanced: A reset button and sophisticated motor technology.
  • Long life, it’s a cost effective long term investment for a convenient cooking experience.
  • Highly scratch proof blender jars made of super strong polycarbonate.
  • Capacity from 1.5 to 2 litres of blending jars.
  • Cooling mechanism to keep the blender cool even after prolonged heavy use.

Buying a professional blender is not a dream for a common man any more

Now you can buy great blenders at low prices. That’s the beauty of Omniblend blenders, the range is enormous and prices are most suitable for your pocket. Don’t make your mind for buying a kind of blender that has difficult features as such features can kick you into major troubles. Buy cheap blenders of supreme quality from the wonderful range of 3hp commercial blenders. These super powerful blenders are specifically designed for heavy commercial use.

Get it at your door step

 We deliver across South Africa. Buy blenders online, the best in the market online via our website hurdle free. We are open for payment through debit and credit cards.

Rest assured! We give warranty

Trust us because we have goodwill in the market and we provide a warranty over the period of two years depending on the terms and conditions applied. Make cooking easy! Get an Omniblend blender!

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