Coffee Exchange - Scott Nightingale sings his praises

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The Coffee Exchange

We had a quick chat with Scott Nightingale, who co-owns The Coffee Exchange.  This passionate java expert’s business makes use of the OmniBlend to blend its beverages “to perfection”. 

Tell us a little bit about your business and what makes it unique.

Our business is called The Coffee Exchange and we currently have two branches [in Johannesburg], both of which make use of OmniBlend blenders.  The Coffee Exchange is an artisan roasting business that combines a high quality coffee experience with home- style food offering. The aim is to provide customers with an awesome coffee experience. Whether ordering in-store or purchasing our beans to create your own coffees at home or at work. We are incredibly passionate about what we do. Our customers love our chocolate- based drinks as we use real melted Belgian chocolate as a base. 

What do you primarily use the OmniBlend for?

We use our blenders as a smoothie maker for Freezo coffee drinks, milkshakes and smoothies. 

What has your experience using OmniBlend been like?

It is a great product and excellent value for money! You also get great after-sales service. It blends all our drinks to perfection without leaving any blocks of ice in the drink and is the perfect blender for our stores. I would even say it outperforms the Hamilton Beach and Vita mix range, and it is half the price.

Would you recommend the OmniBlend to someone looking to purchase a blender for their home and why?

Definitely, we can always rely on the blender to perform during our busy hours in our store. Plus, being able to get extra jugs makes life easier for preparing more than one type of drink and still utilising only one blender base.

 Any final words?

Thanks for the excellent service, and we will always have OmniBlend as our preferred blenders in store.

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