Orchard on Long - Smoothies on Longstreet

Tim Spence is the man behind Long Street’s popular smoothie and juice bar, Orchard.  He shared his thoughts on the “workhorses” that are integral to his business and why they are a good investment for any household.

If Orchard were a smoothie, what would it contain?
Orchard is such an abundance of flavours and nutrition so it's difficult to narrow it down to one smoothie.  Our new smoothie the Willy Wonka (activated charcoal, raw cacao, cashews, organic peanut butter, avocado, lucuma, vanilla, signature nutmilk, hemp protein, coconut blossom, cinnamon) is pretty rad.

What has your experience using OmniBlend been like?
It's been a wonderful thus far.  The machines are real workhorses.  Jan (the distributor of Omniblend in SA) is a pleasure to deal with - he's incredibly helpful and efficient, which makes the experience of owning an Omniblend that much better.

Would you recommend the Omniblend to someone looking to purchase a blender for their home and why?

Yes, certainly.  The blenders are the best value for money on the market and are commercial quality.  Many low- end blenders run into all sorts of problems.  The OmniBlend is durable and a great 'health' investment for any household. 

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