How a high-performance industrial blender can improve your diet

Buying an industrial blender is not just about buying another kitchen appliance; a powerful, effective kitchen blender can help you radically improve your health and diet.

Unfotunately most traditional domestic electric blenders in South Africa don’t perform optimally when it comes to preparing anything beyond smoothies and soups.

To really get the most out of blending, you want a high-speed, high-powered food blender. With a commercial or industrial blender it suddenly becomes easy (and fun!) rather than an inconvenience to whip up a variety of fresh and healthy drinks, foods and snacks. Before long your blender will be one of your favourite health habits.

An industrial blender, like those used by the professionals, takes the sweat out of creating tasty, nutritious meals, such as: 

  • Chunky soups: Chuck in lightly sautéed seasonal produce, add a base (lie tomato or cream), add some protein, mix it up and enjoy! With a proper blender you’re set for hearty, satisfying dinners all winter through. Or make in bulk and freeze for easy lunches to take to work – this way you also avoid the office canteen OR
  • Mashed potatoes: Everyone loves a comforting bowl of mash, but few of us look forward to preparing it. No more grueling elbow work, because a commercial blender will have those potatoes mashed into the perfect texture in less than a minute. And why not try cauliflower mash too for some variety?


With an industrial kitchen blender, it’s also easy to make delicious, healthy snacks readily available for you and your family, like:

    • Power smoothies: we’re talking smoothies made with frozen fruit and vegetables – so most of their vitamins and minerals are in tact – as well as nuts, seeds, whey or other protein. Peanut butter? Fine! Additional fibre? Throw it in! A high-speed blender will whip up a mean smoothie in no time.


  • Nut butters: use your industrial blender to deliver up a classic peanut butter (sans preservatives or sugar) or try something new, like a hazelnut or almond butter!
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juices: a good kitchen blender should have a large easy-to-clean jug and be able to chop and liquidize fresh produce in a jiffy.

Or use your electric blender to make preservative- and sugar-free alternatives to:

    • Sauces:high-performance blenders enable you to make chutneys, fresh tomato sauce, a creamy hollandaise or the perfect pesto in less than 60 seconds.


  • Dips, salsas and guacamole: puree tomatoes, peppers, chickpeas, and fresh spices into dips, party salsas, bean dips, cheese dips, and guacamole for easy snacking or your next party.


  • Fruit jams: get fruit down to a pulpand make your own delicious jams and marmalade – minus all the added sugar!

Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert. There are so many ways to satisfy a sweet tooth without all the nasty additives or added sugars. For example, treat yourself and your family to desserts like:

  • Ice cream:combine milk (or coconut milk or almond milk), sugar (or xylitol), vanilla extract and ice cubes in your blender, add your flavour (try cocoa or peanut butter) for a totally delicious dessert without the guilt!
  • Fruit sorbet: blend a selection of your favourite frozen fruit until smooth and creamy for a refreshing summer dessert.

An industrial blender, also known as a 3HP blender, is also perfect for those who have food intolerances. For example, nut milk is great for those who are dairy intolerant and don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for store-bought nut milk. Gluten intolerant? A professional blender can ground seeds into a fine powder in under a minute to make seed flour, perfect for use in baked goods or breads.

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