Best ways to use your blender

Once you buy a blender you may plan mash potatoes with it, whip egg whites or heavy cream, grind raw. Or even you can plan to blend vegetables, extract fruits to get juice and make some dough. Trust me, all these are the things that you must not do with a blender.

So, let us check how to best use a blender here:

-        Know the functions of every switch you find on a blender. Sometimes, pressing on the pulse alone can meet many of your blending needs. You just do not need to run the motor inside at its maximum speed and add to your bills;

-        Do not run it for long, the motor can get burnt off. Most blenders cannot take overload. If you take that risk the blades will not remain suitable for future;

-        Make sure the jar is stuck with the motor stand and have it covered with the top. Your eyes can get injured by the food debris if the top is not covered with a lid;

-        Keep your blender clean by pouring some warm water into the jar and pressing that pulse again. This will wash it off from inside. After cleaning it, disassemble the parts so they dry quickly and keep them in disassembled manner;

-        Don not fill up your blender jar up to the mark. For the best results, always fill two third of the jar with your cooking ingredients and keep the rest of the part vacuum;

-        Do not put whole vegetables inside, first cut them off into small pieces, then pour the liquid inside the blender at first and lastly add the vegetable pieces;

-        Do not start blending at maximum speed. Start with slowest blending and gradually keep increasing the blender speed. This is ideal way of operating the blender.

Follow the above rules on how to best use a blender. You will be happy with long life time of your blender and its performance.

When one buy a blender, one focuses on buying a high speed blender. The blenders are to perform, but whether it is performing greatly or not depends on the user. So, your great blenders will do great to you when you ensure the best use of them. If you have time, then buy blender online will give you all the required information you need.


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