Discover the Difference between Domestic Blenders and Industrial Blenders

The differences between domestic blenders and industrial blenders are easy to see, but the real distinction is inside. What is easy to see is the size of the blades, the bowl, and the overall size of the blender. What is not seen is the power of the motor, the design of the blade connection, and possibly the functional features. There are mixers that look as good as a home blender, yet are strong enough for commercial environments because of the configuration.

Speed and Power

Two of the biggest differences that you need to know about blender model are the speed cycles and the power. Most blenders come equipped with a range series of speeds; this comes in handy when you want to start out slow with larger pieces of food, and speed up to get to your final consistency. Power is the other distinction of blender models that matter to cooks and bartenders everywhere. A domestic blender that is only used occasionally for chopping or mixing can be a low power blender, but when you will be using your mixer for an industrial blender, having a high power motor that will not break down after extensive mixing is a necessity. The speed of blender models are actually measured in horsepower, and usually run from 11 mph, to 240 mph. The power is measured in amps or watts, an average domestic blender can be 175 watts, while an industrial blender may be 1440 watts.

Blender Bowls

The container a blender uses, is another difference to consider when deciding between a domestic blender or an industrial blender. Bowls are made of either, plastic, glass, or stainless steel and each have their own advantages. Plastic is lightweight, and you can see what is inside, but it can absorb smells. Stainless steel is sturdy, easy to clean, does not absorb odors, and is eye-catching, but you can't see through it. Glass, the most popular choice, is sturdy, it will not hold odors, it is easy to clean, but it can break. Before buying any of the blender models, consider what you will be using the blender for, most home blenders use glass while an industrial blender uses stainless steel.

Blender Models

The following blender models are both domestic blenders, and Industrial blenders, the differences are in the price, the power, and the features.

The Vitamix Blender has many functions as a blender. It grinds grain to a fine powder, makes ice cream, and does simple chopping jobs. The Vitamix blender is strong, quiet and fast, with an approximate price of $450.00

A Hamilton Beach Blender can be as inexpensive as $15.00 for the simple model, and as expensive as $2,700 for the commercial blender. The lower priced Hamilton Beach blenders are for basic chopping and mixing, and can have a plastic, or glass bowl.

Omniblend blenders range in price from, $280.00 to $400.00. These heavy-duty blenders are considered professional grade, but look good enough to put on a counter. The Omniblend blenders are capable of turning ice cubes into a fine snow, and they are rated as 20% quieter than many other brands.

Blendtec blenders are multifunction blenders that are strong, and powerful enough to make dough, and ice cream, and useful for everyday chopping. The Blendtec blenders prices range from $79.00 to $650.00.

The Omega Blender has many models ranging in price from $85.00, to $1600.00. All of the Omega blenders have variable speeds, and come with a choice of bowl materials. The compact design is as efficient as any blender model and will crush ice and blend ice cream.


It is important to know the difference between domestic blenders and industrial blenders before you make a purchase. If you take into consideration how often your blender/mixer will be used, the tasks you want it to accomplish, the price, and the differences in the blender models, you will find a blender that serves you well.

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