Valentine Special - OmniBlend I or V with 2l jug

omniblend blender special valentine

The OmniBlend blender is the ultimate kitchen tool for hosting dinner parties with friends, making nutritious baby food in seconds, or for changing to a sustainable healthier lifestyle. The most common mistake is buying an appliance that can’t deliver the performance that you need in the long run. 

Wattage is key when it comes to blending. For crushing ice in smoothies and cocktails, for blending frozen fruits & veggies in your breakfast shake, and making your own nut butter; you need a 2,000+ Watt blender. Popular consumer brands often offer 600-1200 Watt motor, which makes them disappointing in the long run as they don’t last or won’t be able to deliver a smooth texture. 

Which OmniBlend model to buy?

The OmniBlend Blenders come in 3 colors — White, Red/Maroon and Black. This is however not the biggest and most important difference.
The difference between the OmniBlend I and the OmniBlend V is the user interface: the OmniBlend I allows for variable speed control - which the OmniBlend V does not. The OmniBlend V has the touchpad with 3 fixed speeds as well as timer buttons, which can make it easier when you're multi-tasking in the kitchen.

Our Valentine promotion is applicable to both models, and comes with a 2l jug. A 2 liter jug in particular opens up a host of opportunities, as it's suitable for nut butters and pesto's, as well as your normal smoothies, iced coffees, soups, etcetera. You can now start to get really creative in the kitchen, with a partner that lasts!

Our Valentine offer is valid until 14 February 2016, however order your blender before 10 February 3PM, for delivery on Friday 12 February. Delivery is free of charge, and we ship throughout South Africa. Collections can be made in Cape Town and Johannesburg untill Friday 12 February, 5pm.

To order your OmniBlend I (displayed in picture below), click here

To order your OmniBlend V (displayed in picture below), click here


For a full overview of OmniBlend blenders you can download our buyers guide here.


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