Grapefruit Breakfast Smoothie


Variation in smoothies is everything, and grapefruit offers a perfect alternative to regular berry smoothies. It adds a bit more zing that is balanced with the sweetness of banana and coconut milk. Grapefruit is rich in nutrients, and low in calories, making it a good ingredient for a healthy breakfast smoothie. Boost your vitamin A and C intake, while managing your blood sugar levels (grapefruit is low on the glycemic index). The oats add extra nourishment, and can be left out if you’re looking for a lighter breakfast, or snack.

There’s no need to juice the grapefruit to use it in your smoothie. Simply peel and remove the pith, then add the full fruit to keep all the fiber of the fruit too. If you’re using a domestic blender, and not a high powered blender like the OmniBlend it may be necessary to juice as it won’t get as smooth.

You can substitute coconut milk for another plantbased milk, or dairy, however you may have to add a sweetener like honey as coconut brings much flavour to this smoothie.


Ingredients (1 serving):

1 grapefruit, peeled

1/3 C coconut milk

1 tbsp collagen or other protein powder

1 frozen banana

¼ C oats (uncooked)



Add all ingredients to your OmniBlend and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.




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