Blendid makes DIY smoothies easy & healthy!


The wildly popular Blendid DIY smoothie packs that took Joburg by a storm last year, arrived in Cape Town! We got a chance to try them, and now we know why everybody’s raving about these packs!

Firstly, so many options and flavours to choose from! Berries, almond, yoghurt, honey, cocao, cashew, banana, coconut, watermelon, lemon, mint, chia, peanut butter, just to name a few of the endless list of ingredients for different combinations, each with their own benefits and fun descriptive names. We opted for the Honey Pot, the Hangover Cure, and the Reward… Cause hey, that doesn’t just sound good, we all have THOSE moments and cravings!

As the smoothie packs are frozen, you can store them for months in your freezer, retaining its nutritional value. That’s super convenient for those days that you didn’t get around to go to the shops, and don’t want to resort to eating junk. Just blend the pack with a liquid of choice, and done! The packs are free of additives and preservatives, and only whole fruit, vegetables, dairy and stipulated superfoods are used.

Blendid helps you to make the delicious and healthy smoothies that you purchased your OmniBlend for, without having to wonder how to create the perfectly balanced meal. The smoothie packs are developed with dieticians, which means that you’re not only getting convenience, but a nutritious smoothie too.

Blendid suggests you either blend the mix frozen or thaw it first, however we’d recommend you to blend it frozen. It makes for a great cool drink, and the OmniBlend blends the frozen pack with ease.

What we loved when opening the pack was that you actually see all individual ingredients. The pack says almonds, and yes, there are actual whole almonds – no short cuts are taken and you can see it’s a high quality product.


The Honey Pot

We blended it with 1 cup low fat milk, making it a smooth & creamy drink. We loved it that it wasn’t overly sweet, which one could expect when thinking of a ‘honey pot’. In fact the flavour is delicious to get your day started, making the Honey Pot your breakfast. Adding somewhat less milk ( ¾ C would be perfect) would make it thicker, which could work very well too!

The Hangover Cure

Now this one is too good to save for hungover days only! Or a reason for more late nights J Refreshing mint and watermelon make this a light and fresh smoothie. We blended it with enriched soy milk, adding a bit more vitamins and minerals. We used 1 cup soy milk, which created the perfect texture.

The Reward

Say cacao and you know you’ll be in for a treat! The Reward is chocolatey with a hint of peanut butter, and we felt it struck the sweet spot, making it a real reward. It contains honey as a sweetener, however again it’s not overly sweet, which is great. We blended it with ¾ cup low fat milk, which made it a delicious creamy thick smoothie.


We've teamed up with Blendid as the frozen packs are best blended with a high performance blender. Blendid therefore offers a Smoothie Bundle of your OmniBlend blender of choice, with 10 smoothie packs to make sure you're setup with the blender that lasts and blends the smoothest Blendid smoothies. You can shop the Blendid range online, or get in touch for a stockist in your area. Or .... stand a chance to win! Follow Jordyn Muirhead who changed her diet and levels of exercise, and was able to go off her medication simply by making those changes. She's going to get creative with the Blendid smoothie packs, and will also be using her OmniBlend blender for a host of other recipes. Follow Jordyn on Instagram, and stand a chance to win an OmniBlend blender and Blendid smoothie packs (T&C's apply)!

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