The Benefits of a 3hp Heavy Duty Blender

So your staff mixer’s given in and you’re looking for something that’ll make blending easier, not more difficult. Or maybe you’ve decided to finally get your kitchen fully prepped for your emerging inner foodie. Or you want to offer your kids treats that don’t contain any ingredients you didn’t put there yourself… 

In South Africa, we often turn to domestic blenders, assuming the commercial grade blenders will be too pricey – or bulky – for the humble home. But the disadvantage of domestic blenders is that they can only handle small amounts of food or liquid at a time and struggle to crush hard ingredients like ice (for smoothies or cocktails), seeds (for flours) and nuts (for alternatives to cow’s milk). If you want a blender that will do the hard work for you, you’re looking for a heavy-duty blender.

So what exactly is a heavy-duty blender? 

It’s a blender that’s built to withstand frequent, intensive use – which means it’s going to last! Sometimes referred to as an industrial, commercial or professional blender, the right blender is all about high performance. At OmniBlend we sell a range of heavy-duty blenders, all of which have the following features:

  • 6 stainless steel blades for perfect precision blending;
  • high-speed blade rotation (at least 38,000 per minute) making it easy to crush wet or dry food;
  • a powerful 3HP (950 Watt) motor to get the job done;
  • built-in protection against burn out and electricity surge thanks to the overload reset button and thermal shut-off switch within the motor;
  • a nearly indestructible polycarbonate jar.

The good news…

You don’t have to pay professional prices to get a professional blender. OmniBlend blenders retail from only R2999 incl. VAT and delivery. They’re also incredibly compact, so you won’t have to extend your kitchen on account of your latest gadget! Worried it’ll be too noisy? Add a sound box and enjoy the power of an HP blender without waking the neighbours.


Order your heavy-duty blender from, where you’ll find BPA-free options, a selection of colours (black, red or stone) and the choice of 1.5 or 2 litre jugs depending on your blending requirements. Free delivery by courier anywhere in South Africa.


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