The Best Commercial Blender for Your Kitchen: Buy It Online Today & Start Blending Tomorrow!

Smoothie maker Omniblend Best blenderA kitchen blender is so much more than just another household gadget. In fact it can replace a number of gadgets – like a juicer, smoothie maker, coffee grinder, grater, flour mill and ice cream machine. But the greatest advantage of having a commercial blender in your home is the positive effect it will have on your health. Suddenly it’s just as quick and convenient to whip up a breakfast smoothie, tasty pasta sauce, hearty vegetable soup or fresh guacamole than it is to pop into the local Pick n Pay or Woolies. The real plus: you know what goes into that blender. No additives, no colourants, no preservatives, no hidden sugar… and only the freshest ingredients that you’ve selected.


From solo health to group catering

OmniBlend’s clients include health-conscious individuals as well as those in the catering and hospitality industry, like our local smoothie maker Kauai, and restaurants like Nino’s and Mugg & Bean. Though you may not be delivering 1500 smoothies in a day, as Barmotion often does, you can rest assured that the OmniBlend won’t let you down. The beauty of a commercial blender in your kitchen is its durability. It’s meant for heavy use, so don’t be shy to test it on ice, nuts, frozen fruit or vegetables… you name it! Find the full range of OmniBlend blenders here.

Inspired to start blending ASAP?

Whether you’re looking for your first blender or replacing your current one, you’ll never regret buying an OmniBlend. It’s also the best blender around at such an affordable price. Take the hassle out of blender shopping and order online directly from OmniBlend offers free door-to-door delivery via courier anywhere in South Africa. Plus you get a 3-year warranty on all parts (optional extended 7-year warranty also on offer). We wish you all the best on your blending journey!

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