6 reasons to buy a commercial blender

Every kitchen needs a great blender. Unfortunately most traditional domestic blenders in South Africa don’t quite cut it and will struggle to blend or crush tough ingredients like frozen fruit, nuts or ice. Having a commercial blender in your kitchen will take the hard work out of your favourite meals and snacks.

Here’s why you’ll never regret buying a commercial blender:

  1. Commercial blenders last longer, as they’re built to withstand intensive use and heavy-duty blending – so you won’t have to replace your blender every couple of years.
  2. Commercial blenders like the OmniBlend 787 (I) and 800 (V) have a 3HP motor – the kind of power that’s required to effortlessly blend, mash, purée and grind, and even crush ice.
  3. High-speed blenders – that’s at least six blades and a high blade rotation rate – save you time and effort because they do their job quickly and efficiently.
  4. With a commercial blender, more complicated items like mash, nut milk, seed flours and ice cream suddenly become easy to whip up when you’re hosting dinner parties. That’s why professional chefs use them!
  5. Though many commercial blenders will wake up the household (and the neighbours’ neighbours), OmniBlend blenders are super quiet – just 85 dB despite their power.
  6. A high-speed commercial blender is multi-functional and versatile enough to replace a variety of kitchen gadgets, like juicers, coffee grinders, graters, flour mills and ice cream machines, which means less clutter in your kitchen.

Unfortunately most professional blenders do not come cheap. At OmniBlend, we became frustrated with the prices of commercial blenders in South Africa and today it is our mission to bring the best blenders to South Africa at affordable prices. We offer free door-to-door delivery via courier anywhere in South Africa and a 3-year warranty on all parts (plus an optional extended 7-year warranty.)

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