What to consider before buying a blender?

Make sure you know what type of blending you are going to do with a blender before buying one. If you buy a blender and then realize it is not helping you in cooking preparation then you have simply wasted money for no use.

Here are the facts that one should consider before buying a blender:

-        If you are looking to buy blenders to prepare smoothie and cold drinks, then you will need a blender with ice crushing blades;

-        If you want to do the chopping and grinding works of your cooking ingredients then your blender needs to have chopping blades;

-        For mixing, pureeing and stirring, a standard blender will be functionally sufficient.

When you figure out each blender’s use, it is time to be introduced with the blender type. Here they are:

Jug or Jar blender – The jug blender or the jar blender are the most common and widely blenders. Having a jar or jug with a good pouring capacity can serve different purposes, including crushing the ice.

Hand or Immersion Blender – Immersion blenders are completely different from the previous blenders we just discussed. One can do blending, mixing as well as pureeing altogether with this immersion blender once they put the ingredients in a bowl and press the blender with a handle from the top. These are more like a drilling machine. Considering ease of use and safety, the hand blenders are a popular choice.

Multifunctional Blender – The multifunctional blenders are designed to serve various purposes and they come with different accessories. You can blend, process, grind and chop with this blender. Considering the blender’s price, multifunctional ones are the most preferred.

From above you can easily realize that there are three different purposes of having a blender and that there are three types of blenders. So, this is essential: before you buy one, be sure to determine how you are going to use it. Based on your needs you can decide what kind of blender to buy. Once you know the blender’s type, you can also figure out the best blender shop to buy from.


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