Using Smoothies to Balance Blood Sugar

Smoothies are a fantastic way to improve health and lower blood sugar. Unlike most smoothies that are full of high-sugar fruit, there are ways to create blended beverages that are low in sugar, sweet, and helpful for balancing blood sugar levels. By using a high speed blender, such as the Omniblend or the OmniblendV, you can help your body easily digest your calories and provide an extra energy at every moment of the day. 
Also, by adding certain supplements to your high speed blender while making your smoothie, you're one step closer to keeping your blood sugar levels at bay.

How Do I Use Supplements in My Smoothies?

To create a smoothie that helps to balance your blood sugar, it is essential that you keep a few supplements on hand. These supplements, specifically cinnamon and chromium picolinate, help to balance blood sugar levels after a meal. Cinnamon, a natural spice that can be added to any smoothie, has been shown to increase insulin response and insulin sensitivity, something that is very important for most type 2 diabetics.

Chromium picolinate is a mineral needed in very small amounts to help keep blood sugar balanced and cholesterol levels in check. However, most people who eat a diet of processed foods and fast foods are not receiving enough of this mineral. Often, people with diabetes or other health issues, such as high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels in the blood are often deficient in chromium. The good news is, you can increase the level of this essential mineral by blending the supplement in smoothies, increasing your level of nutrition and overall health.

Use these ingredients by adding them to your high speed blender (such as the Omniblend or OmniblendV) when making your smoothies. Simply add a teaspoon of cinnamon and a few mg of chromium to provide a smoothie that is kind to your glucose levels. Always consult a doctor first before adding any supplement to your smoothies, as it may interfere with certain medications.

Smoothies That Balance Blood Sugar

When making a smoothie that balances blood sugar, it is important to choose only low-sugar fruits, such as berries. This adds some sweetness while keeping the sugar low, which is beneficial for blood sugar and insulin levels. If you desire a sweeter smoothie, add stevia or other non-calorie sweetener to taste.

Using yogurt can also help provide a smoother consistency to your smoothie, and also provide a valuable source of protein. The macrnonutrient known as protein is helpful for decreasing the time it takes for your blood sugar to rise, letting your body release a slow and steady stream of insulin. This is important for diabetics, as they usually release insulin at a very fast rate.

Where Do I Buy Blenders?

There are many blenders for sale online and at many kitchen stores. For a smoothie with the best consistency, it is important for anyone who desires to buy blenders to choose a high-powered machine. The Omniblend and OmniblendV, for example, are high-powered blenders that help break down smoothies until a smooth, silky texture is released.

When looking for blenders for sale, it is important to notice the quality of the blender. Are the blenders for sale hard enough to handle the test of time? Or are they made from inexpensive materials that will deteriorate rapidly? A blender sale online is one that includes many different types of blenders, ranging from size, shape, and model. By researching each blender sale you encounter, you are in a better place to purchase the one that will work for you.

Although price is a consideration, keep in mind that a cheap blender of one brand may not hold up as well as a cheap blender of another brand. Ask questions and research your blender thoroughly to receive the best deal. These machines, after all, are here to serve you and improve your health and state of being.


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