Making Smoothies in a blender

You want to make your  perfect smoothies using an Omni Blender? It takes just a sip of a smoothie for anyone to develop a craving for this refreshing and healthy treat. So how can one make a perfect smoothie with one's own kitchen blender when the craving strikes? Truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect smoothie: it is simply one that fits the taste and preference of the person having it.

Fortunately, smoothies are easy to prepare thanks to the simplicity of the steps and ingredients involved. Everyone can make a smoothie using a simple food blender, whether it is for health, refreshment, entertaining guests or even for business. You can pick a recipe from hundreds published on the Internet or create your own as you prefer. Whatever recipe you want, you will inevitably need three or four at the most basic components: the liquid base, the fruit or vegetable mix, the crushed ice and, optionally, the special additives.

Here are the steps in the right order: 1. Pouring the liquid base into the Omni Blender. Start with 1-2 cups of your liquid base, be it water, juice, milk, even tea and coffee depending on your taste and diet. Yogurt is also a great choice as it is loaded with lactobacilli-probiotics that aid digestion and other minerals. As you start the blender and create a mini-vortex that will pull down your smoothie ingredients, insert your preferred fruits or vegetables.

Step 2. Adding the fruits and vegetables. Before blending prepare your ingredients by chopping fruits into diced pieces and shredding vegetables. If you prefer a heartier mix, freeze your diced fruits so that you'll need less ice.  Juicier fruits need less liquid too. Use any fruit of your liking especially ones that are in season. Bananas come all year round and serve as great thickeners that mix well with other flavors. For a green smoothie always add the fruit before the veggies, as greens tend to float and stay in the middle of the vortex away from the blades. The fruit puree helps create a stronger vortex to pull the greens down to the blades. More importantly, blending smoothies also activates phytochemicals - special nutrients that come from plants - and evens flavors from the ingredients.

The Omni Blend "pulse" feature.
Omni Blend's food blenders are equipped with a pulse switch which adds a jolt to your blending process. With it, you can crush any ice and large fruit pieces before running it on high. Push down any remaining solid ingredient at the top using the tamper which comes with your Omni Blender (other brands do not provide one), or stop the unit for a while and push down the ingredients with a spoon. NEVER use a spoon while the blades are running! Added flavors, specials. Many blend for specific dietary requirements - like athletes, hospital patients and the elderly. Additives such as protein and vitamin powders, chlorella and spirulina spike up smoothies' nutritional contents. For others, ice cream, natural flavorings such as honey and cinnamon, even peanut butter, adds an extra kick to the blend. Follow these simple tips and you're sure to get your perfect smoothie: the one that fits your taste and liking!


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