3 HP Blenders: Top 3 Benefits of Blending

What is top 3 of benefits of using a blender? Here is what we think.

A Blender Releases the Antioxidants

Antioxidants are known to protect the body from free radicals that can attack cells and cause diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Free radicals are molecules that come from environmental sources like secondhand smoke and radiation. Free radicals are also produced inside the body when food is broken down. The highest levels of antioxidants are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables. In order to release these antioxidants, the skin must be completely broken down. The average human does not chew long enough to release all of the antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables they eat. This is where a 3-horsepower blender comes in handy.

This powerful commercial blender is able to "masticate" the skin and release the antioxidants inside. Thus, a healthy natural drink is produced which provides much needed antioxidants that adults need to stay healthy, without having to take a pill that is expensive, tastes bad, and may not be doing enough to actually aid in increasing one's health. In fact, the majority of vitamin supplements on the market today have not been proven effective in laboratory studies or by the FDA. Also, many of these supplements need to be taken with certain foods or other supplements that contain another vitamin in order for the antioxidants to absorb once swallowed.

Healthier Smoothies Made with Fresh Fruits

The ongoing popularity of smoothies has made available hundreds of powdered or prepackaged smoothie drinks. However, these are often made with juice concentrates and over-sugared. The vitamins and minerals are lost during the packaging process, leaving sugars and empty calories for consumers to drink. Making smoothies at home ensures that the healthy parts of the drink stay in the drink. Plus, the amount of sugar is controlled. The best blender will emulsify whole fruits or vegetables, seeds and all, and a 3-horsepower blender is what will get this job done. Homemade smoothies are a healthy and smart way to start the day for adults and children. In addition, on a design and style note, you can choose from a variety of colors for your 3 hp blender to complement the kitchen, so it can stay out on the counter, regularly used, instead of hidden in a cabinet and forgotten.

A Blender Will Do the Job

One 3-horsepower blender is all that is needed in the kitchen to mix, chop, and blend desired foods. It fully replaces processors, leaving just one appliance to clean. From the choice of blenders for sale, you may think a 1- or 2-horsepower blender is all that's needed for in-home use, but with these, you still have to pull out the processor and cut everything into tiny slices before blending it. A 3 hp blender saves a lot of time and creates very little waste when the entire fruit or vegetable is used. These powerful blenders are also able to crush ice in seconds without dulling the blades. As can be seen, owning a commercial blender at home provides many cost-effective, health and time-saving benefits.


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