We use OmniBlend blenders in all of our restaurants, both in the bar and in the kichen, they’re working hard! What I like about it is that I can buy spare jugs, and get spares to do the basic maintenance ourselves. That’s where the real value for me as a business owner comes in. Using a commercial blender has streamlined the process and an all-in-one appliance also takes up less space. The OmniBlend is also really hardy so we can crush ice without the blades snapping. OmniBlend really goes above and beyond to help us out.

Nic Haarhoff

El Burro group of restaurants Cape Town

I have used the OmniBlend V – 1.5ltr now for 2.5 years, and I will never buy another machine again. I have both the Hamilton Beach an Vitamix at my other store and will replace them with OmniBlend when they are done for.
The machine does what is expected and your back up and ease of use and parts availability is what really concreted my belief in your product. I obviously bought the unit because of its good price, taking a risk at the time but are very happy that I took the step. I would suggest it to anybody and have done so to many people within the Wimpy Group.

Johnny Le Roux

Wimpy East London

I love the OmniBlend, as it does exactly what I need. It allows me to fully control the speed, where some other brands have all kinds of programs that I don’t want to use, or 1 single speed. It’s much better value too: jugs of other brands come at the same price as the OmniBlend blender, and with the OmniBlend you don’t have to replace the full jug if only the bearing goes. I’ve been using them for a year now and I won’t go back - they blend bloody well, and that’s all you need in a blender.

Peter Tempelhof

Executive Chef of Greenhouse and FYN

After looking at many power blenders we decided to try an OmniBlend blender as the value for money looked promising. Well, I can assure you that we were definitely not disappointed! We now have 3 OmniBlend blenders They run for hours every day making everything from plant-based milks, cheese mixes and even the occasional smoothie. I recommend OmniBlend blenders to everyone needing power blenders as I find them to be super strong, reliable and fantastic value for money. Furthermore, the service from the OmniBlend team is truly commendable! Whenever I have had any problems, they get dealt with promptly and efficiently. I also love that the spare parts and extras are readily available and affordable. So if you need a power blender, look no further! OmniBlend is your blender! They are super strong and reliable with infinite culinary possibilities.

Irene’s Gourmet


A great alternative to the Vitamix, if you are on a budget and looking for something comparable. Does the same job, for a lot less money.

Masthura Hamid

Jimmy Killer Prawns Durban