Submit a Repair Request - Testing

Are you experiencing a problem with your blender? We will fix your blender. 

If your blender stopped working suddenly, it may be that the overload protection was activated. This is a safety feature to prevent the motor from overheating. Wait a few minutes for the blender to cool down, and then press the overload button at the bottom of the base (while connected to power). After pressing this button, the blender should be functioning as normal.

If it is a different issue, the spare parts page may be helpful to find the part that you’re looking for. You can order the spare parts online, and for the drive socket and blade assembly you can find an instruction video about how to replace the part on the respective pages. If you’d like our technical team to assess and repair the blender, please fill out the information below, and we’ll contact you within 2 office hours to action your request. 

In case repairs by our workshop are required, would you like us to arrange a courier (R107) to collect your blender and/or jug or would you like to deliver yourself to our workshop?