Hundred Acres Honey - tapped straight from the hive

R 50.00

Hundred acres, or an area with a radius of about 5km, that’s what the bees are covering to forage for nectar to produce honey for the colony. Each bee is visiting about 2,000 flowers a day, and must collect nectar from about 2,000,000 to produce 450 grams of honey . The bees play a crucial role in fertilizing plants and trees with the pollen they carry, and are essential for growing our crops. This symbioses of taking some from the flowers, and giving back through the activity of visiting the flowers is something that team behind Hundred Acres Honey deeply appreciates and the reason behind managing the beehives.

The Hundred Acres Honey is tapped from flow hives, which has frames that can be opened to make the honey literally flow out of the frame through a tube straight into a jar. This means that the honey can be tapped from the hive without interfering the bees. Watching the honey flow out is something that requires full appreciation for the bees, as 1 worker bee only produces 1/12th of a teaspoon in her lifetime. Being conscious about the amount of effort that is put in by the colony to produce the honey while delivering the fertilizing service to plants, makes every jar priceless.

Hundred Acres Honey passes the labour of love on to make delicious food, and use the health benefits of honey. This is not a commercial honey, it’s the way nature intended it to be, raw and unfiltered.