OmniBlend Restaurant Commercial Bar Blender

Trusted Bar Blender

The OmniBlend V – 1.5lt is our most popular model for bars and restaurants. This commercial blender crushes ice, nuts, and frozen fruits, for smoothies, slushes, frappés, cocktails, and is also used for milkshakes. Approved by major South African franchises, this model is trusted for heavy use, with a 3-year warranty on the motor, and 1 year on the blades. Worried about the long term? We’ve got you covered with availability of spares, and rapid turnaround on repairs.

The OmniBlend V base fits all our spare jugs, and multiple jugs make it quicker to work with different flavours or ingredients, or dietary requirements. This package excludes a sound cover, which can be added separately at a later stage.

Open Plan

When you're using the blender in an open or quiet area, the sound shield comes in useful. The shield reduces the noise of crushing ice and the blender is placed inside the box, for optimal sound reduction. Use the timer function on the OmniBlend V and the blender will stop blending automatically after the selected time has ended.

Complete Package

The complete package offers you the OmniBlend V – 1.5lt with sound cover, and a 1.5lt spare jug. This is the setup recommended for busy bars and restaurant, and offers the biggest saving.