How can we assist?


Parts & Repairs

We can assist with any repairs of your OmniBlend blender, and don't charge for labour. Our pricing is transparent, and repairs are competed within 24 hours of receipt. Basic repairs can also be performed by yourself, and we have clear instruction videos that explain how to replace a blade assembly or drive socket.

If you'd prefer technical assistance you can request a repair here.


Owner Manuals

The OmniBlend blenders are easy to operate, and you can find full care and safety instructions in the Owner Manuals for each model. Click the link to download the manual for your model:

OmniBlend I

OmniBlend V

OmniBlend III


Warranty & Returns
We offer comprehensive warranty and a 14-day money back guarantee. Find all details here.

Which model to choose?

In the video below we explain the differences between the different OmniBlend models, and how they compare.

Unleash the master chef

With an OmniBlend blender you can blend more than you ever thought possible. Those recipes featured online and in magazines? You will be able to blend those bowls, dips, hummus variations, smoothies, soups, sauces, nut milks, and butters. Being able to add your personal touches to the recipes changes your experience in the kitchen, and it’ll be easy to prepare the most delicious food to enjoy.