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  • Bring creativity into your kitchen

    Blend even the toughest ingredients to smooth textures. Pastes, hummus, green smoothies, soups, and what about grinding flour for delicious bakes?

  • Matcha Flapjacks

    These flapjacks are the best! We've been rambling about the benefits of oats before, and these flapjacks are fabulous to bring some vari...

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  • Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

    It’s the season where recipes seem a bit upside down, since Halloween recipes are inspired by the Northern hemisphere, where warm autumn...

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  • Beetroot Hummus with Cumin

    Traditional hummus is made with just chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. This variation is adapted from Gordon R...

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  • Banting Fridge Cheese Cake

    Happy Easter everyone! It’s the season that is dominated by hot cross buns and chocolate Easter eggs, in different flavours, and recipes...

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Friends of omniblend

  • Gail van Niekerk of Banting Blvd

    The OmniBlend blenders grind the nuts for the premixes better than any other grinder that we’ve tried, and contrary to the large industrial mills, we don’t need anti-caking agents when we grind in the OmniBlend.

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  • Neil Jewell of Moreson’s Bread & Wine restaurant

    Where most blenders process high volumes of smoothies and iced coffees, Neil’s OmniBlend has even been used to make a Trout Boudin Blanc, which turned out to be a winner! “She works hard!”, Neil says, speaking fondly of his blender.

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  • Shani Kleynhans of Nitida’s The Tables restaurant

    The OmniBlend blender is a really good, high quality product. It’s strong and durable, and the after sales service you get from OmniBlend is great no matter how old or new your blender is, their service is always prompt and good.

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