Blender Holiday Specials 2019

Christmas Deals

Receive a R200 discount and free nut milk bag on your OmniBlend – 1.5lt with narrow base jug this holiday season! The perfect Christmas gift, spoil for yourself to celebrate an awesome year, or to get prepared for living a healthier lifestyle in 2020. The OmniBlend is trusted by chefs, smoothie bars, and coffee shops. It's a high-performance blender that takes your blending to the next level. The difference? The powerful motor, stainless steel parts, and jug design create smoother smoothies, thicker and creamier smoothie bowls and nice creams, nut butters, hummus, sauces and effortlessly grind nuts, seeds, and spices too.

Versatility for the win

The 1.5lt narrow base jug is perfectly designed for blending both drinks and dry ingredients, thanks to the tapered shape. It’s also perfect for blending pesto, spreads, and purees. Stock up your freezer with frozen fruit this summer, and blend with nuts, seeds and your favourite superfoods into nutritious smoothies like a pro. A recipe book is included, and follow us on social media where we’re always sharing new recipes for you to do more with your blender.

Which model to choose?

The OmniBlend I and OmniBlend V have the same performance, it’s just the interface that is different. The OmniBlend I has a turn-dial for variable speed control, and the OmniBlend V has a touchpad with 3 speed settings and a timer. Both models have a pulse for a quick chop. A tamper is included to blend thicker blends, without adding much liquid or oil. This December promotion applies to both models, and is available in white and maroon while stock lasts.

Unleash the master chef

With an OmniBlend blender you can blend more than you ever thought possible. Those recipes featured online and in magazines? You will be able to blend those bowls, dips, hummus variations, smoothies, soups, sauces, nut milks, and butters. Being able to add your personal touches to the recipes changes your experience in the kitchen, and it’ll be easy to prepare the most delicious food to enjoy.