So your staff mixer’s given in and you’re looking for something that’ll make blending easier, not more difficult. Or maybe you’ve decided to finally get your kitchen fully prepped for your emerging inner foodie. Or you want to offer your kids treats that don’t contain any ingredients you didn’t put there yourself… 

In South Africa, we often turn to domestic blenders, assuming the commercial grade blenders will be too pricey – or bulky – for the humble home. But the disadvantage of domestic blenders is that they can only handle small amounts of food or liquid at a time and struggle to crush hard ingredients like ice (for smoothies or cocktails), seeds (for flours) and nuts (for alternatives to cow’s milk). If you want a blender that will do the hard work for you, you’re looking for a heavy-duty blender.

So what exactly is a heavy-duty blender? 

It’s a blender that’s built to withstand frequent, intensive use – which means it’s going to last! Sometimes referred to as an industrial, commercial or professional blender, the right blender is all about high performance. At OmniBlend we sell a range of heavy-duty blenders, all of which have the following features:

  • 6 stainless steel blades for perfect precision blending;
  • high-speed blade rotation (at least 38,000 per minute) making it easy to crush wet or dry food;
  • a powerful 3HP (950 Watt) motor to get the job done;
  • built-in protection against burn out and electricity surge thanks to the overload reset button and thermal shut-off switch within the motor;
  • a nearly indestructible polycarbonate jar.

The good news…

You don’t have to pay professional prices to get a professional blender. OmniBlend blenders retail from only R2999 incl. VAT and delivery. They’re also incredibly compact, so you won’t have to extend your kitchen on account of your latest gadget! Worried it’ll be too noisy? Add a sound box and enjoy the power of an HP blender without waking the neighbours.


Order your heavy-duty blender from, where you’ll find BPA-free options, a selection of colours (black, red or stone) and the choice of 1.5 or 2 litre jugs depending on your blending requirements. Free delivery by courier anywhere in South Africa.


Are you an active homemaker who loves to blend fresh fragilities each day for your family and friends? If you are the one then you might have a requirement for blenders which are proficiently used in hotels to stay abreast of your hectic activities. Companies offering Electric Blenders in South Africa have launched a 3hp range in blending tools. So, now you can renovate your kitchen with a stylish kitchen Blender and live with a hale and hearty routine. These blenders are equipped with the recent technology features and are more powerful than any other blending appliances.

Moreover companies offering deals in Food Blenders in South Africa give assured warranty over three years. Made with high quality material, these blenders have advance features and  perform just like an industrial blending accessory. A 3hp blending tool can easily handle the heavy-duty blending jobs in a business environment very smoothly. Also, these blenders are the greatest when it comes to sturdiness and strength.

These sturdy and quality tools do not arrive with a heavy price tag; many companies are offering the latest range of 3HP blenders at astoundingly low prices. Therefore, you don’t have to look into your pocket if you want this most useful kitchen accessory to bring comfort in your kitcheny activities.

These blenders are hard-wearing as well as energy proficient and enable you to serve the yummy drinks and savory soups within seconds. The 3HP motor attached with these kitchen appliances can handle any hard blending task effortlessly with finished texture. The power, competence, and the low cost make these Cheap Blenders the most appealing and demanding in the entire South Africa.

Perchance, the best characteristic of these blenders are their capability of being multi-tasking. Please have a look at their multitasking traits which are briefed below:

  1. These blenders can make superb soft smoothies by crushing the fruit and grinding the ice.
  2. They can make delicious slushes by using its sturdy motor and stainless steel blades. It is the only kitchen tool that can turn ice cubes into a soft mushy substance.
  3. They can thrash ice cream into a smoothie milkshake.
  4. We all feel affection for avocados in our smoothie foods but along with the pulse feature, these commercial blenders can also crush avocados and mix together all the ingredients to make a pleasant guacamole!
  5. The usefulness of salsas is boundless!!! These blenders pulverizes tomatoes, fresh cilantro, peppers and some additional spices into feast dips, bean dips, party salsas, cheese dips as well as guacamole for the next party feast.
  6. They crush seeds or nuts into grinded powder for making nut flours for utilization in making parched goods or to insert protein into a smoothie.
  7. These commercial blender pounds soups into a soft or chubby constancy for the great soup texture.

Buy Blenders Online

For your comfort, many companies offer buy blenders online option to shop so get a one for you now!!

Truly, a blender is a must have accessory for every kitchen. It saves a lot of time and efforts that one has to make in cutting and chopping the veggies. Not only this, if you want scrumptious slushes, tempting milk shakes, soups & purees in minutes then also omniblend’s blender can serve you more frequently than any other blender. No matters, whether you are a callow fellow or an experienced cook, these blenders are meant for you all. If you love to serve new delights to your loved ones then a commercial 3hp blender is a perfect tool for your kitchen.

Why you should buy a commercial blender for your kitchen?

  • Commercial blenders have 3HP motor that makes you able to crush the toughest ingredients.
  • These blenders are durable in nature. Efficient use can increase the longevity of this super power kitchen tool.
  • Omniblend 3HP blenders are the cheap blenders ranging from R 2,999 only.

Omniblend Product Range and their features

Everybody has their own requirements. You can choose a blender of your choice that befits with your daily needs. The Omni V blender is one of the great blenders which is equipped with self adjusting 3HP motor and is more efficient in terms of energy. Another model, Omni 3HP blender uses electricity-watts wisely than any other 3HP blender like Hamilton beach, blendtec and others blenders.

Product range of High speed blender also includes Omniblend I BPA Free, Omniblend I - Pro, Omniblend V – BPA Free, Omniblend V – PRO. All these models are objectively designed to meet with the ultimate requirements of potentials.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Friend

A heavy price tag can pause anybody from buying a particular product. Omniblend understand your needs and value your hard earned money. You do not have to fiddle up with your budget before buying a 3hp blender. If you are really looking for a best blender then omniblend is the only solution that can cater you with the most efficient product that suits with your budget and needs both. These powerful blenders give you an option to modernize your kitchen routine; it saves your time and allows you to serve better.

So gear up and get a one for your kitchen. Now you can buy blender online by visiting at when you buy blenders online, make sure you read the product manual thoroughly.

Did you know that a commercial kitchen blender is one of the most efficient kitchen equipments that can help you in preparing health conscious meals? Nowadays, most of the people are fighting with one common problem i.e. obesity but not everybody is ready to compromise with their tastes.

Therefore, Omniblend brings in the 3hp blender range in the market with which you can easily cook healthy meals for you. An avocado can bestow your body with numerous benefits but it has a bitter taste that’s why most of us avoid it. With Omniblend commercial blender you can cook yummy guacamole by mashing avocados and mixing other ingredients in it to improve the taste. Not only this, a 3hp high speed blender can whip up anything for you instantly.

The versatile features makes you a quick Cook

A commercial blender is a multi-functional kitchen tool that helps you to serve the delicious delights more frequently just like a professional chef. You might have seen in many advertisements that how blenders squash anything within blinks. Omniblend blenders are such blenders that can turn even stones into powder. One of the best things about these great blenders is their multi-functionality.

You do not require any training to use this powerful kitchen tool. Just read the product manual and get started… Whether you want strawberry banana smoothie, watermelon strawberry juice or even any soup or juice; you can get anything ready within a single flash. 

Top reasons, why you should buy Omniblend blenders?

  • These blenders require less space to place on.
  • Omniblend 3hp blenders are one of the great blenders which are smartly designed to ease your kitchen life.
  • Omniblend blenders are cheap blenders and are easy to use.
  • These blenders make less noise and let you tiny tots have a tight sleep

Omniblend offers different models in 3hp blender range. If you are looking for something stylish and cost effective kitchen tool then Omniblend V- 1.5 Litre BPA Free model is your pick.

All the 3hp blenders carry 3 years assured warranty and come with a free recipe book. And if you buy blender online then you don’t have to pay extra for shipping charges.

There are many other models available at the store you can choose any from the list of best blenders that suits best with your cooking needs. Online shopping is the best way to buy blenders as it saves our commuting time and efforts.

Are you a professional chef or a home maker? Do you own a shack, cafe or a restaurant? Are you a vegetarian or a hard core non vegetarian? Whatever you are, whether you cook for fun, or take cooking very seriously, you will surely thank Omniblend, because we present you our 3hp blender range with which blending anything will become cake walk for you. A blender is a tool that assists in making mouth melting desserts, refreshing smoothies, savoury soups, mincing meat with that perfect texture and hundred other chores in a kitchen.  We are a dedicated online store and we promote simply the best blenders of world class quality and features to the lovely people of South Africa. Buy Blenders of professional quality having professional features at dream like rates.

 Remarkable features

  • Super fast and super powerful, effortlessly blends hard and solid items.
  • Very safe to use, has an automatic mechanism for handling overload.
  • Beautifully designed blenders, a jewel for your kitchen counter.
  • Save electricity by choosing the 3hp blenders by Omniblend because it’s extremely light on wattage.
  • Technologically advanced: A reset button and sophisticated motor technology.
  • Long life, it’s a cost effective long term investment for a convenient cooking experience.
  • Highly scratch proof blender jars made of super strong polycarbonate.
  • Capacity from 1.5 to 2 litres of blending jars.
  • Cooling mechanism to keep the blender cool even after prolonged heavy use.

Buying a professional blender is not a dream for a common man any more

Now you can buy great blenders at low prices. That’s the beauty of Omniblend blenders, the range is enormous and prices are most suitable for your pocket. Don’t make your mind for buying a kind of blender that has difficult features as such features can kick you into major troubles. Buy cheap blenders of supreme quality from the wonderful range of 3hp commercial blenders. These super powerful blenders are specifically designed for heavy commercial use.

Get it at your door step

 We deliver across South Africa. Buy blenders online, the best in the market online via our website hurdle free. We are open for payment through debit and credit cards.

Rest assured! We give warranty

Trust us because we have goodwill in the market and we provide a warranty over the period of two years depending on the terms and conditions applied. Make cooking easy! Get an Omniblend blender!

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