Every kitchen needs a great blender. Unfortunately most traditional domestic blenders in South Africa don’t quite cut it and will struggle to blend or crush tough ingredients like frozen fruit, nuts or ice. Having a commercial blender in your kitchen will take the hard work out of your favourite meals and snacks.

Here’s why you’ll never regret buying a commercial blender:

  1. Commercial blenders last longer, as they’re built to withstand intensive use and heavy-duty blending – so you won’t have to replace your blender every couple of years.
  2. Commercial blenders like the OmniBlend 787 (I) and 800 (V) have a 3HP motor – the kind of power that’s required to effortlessly blend, mash, purée and grind, and even crush ice.
  3. High-speed blenders – that’s at least six blades and a high blade rotation rate – save you time and effort because they do their job quickly and efficiently.
  4. With a commercial blender, more complicated items like mash, nut milk, seed flours and ice cream suddenly become easy to whip up when you’re hosting dinner parties. That’s why professional chefs use them!
  5. Though many commercial blenders will wake up the household (and the neighbours’ neighbours), OmniBlend blenders are super quiet – just 85 dB despite their power.
  6. A high-speed commercial blender is multi-functional and versatile enough to replace a variety of kitchen gadgets, like juicers, coffee grinders, graters, flour mills and ice cream machines, which means less clutter in your kitchen.

Unfortunately most professional blenders do not come cheap. At OmniBlend, we became frustrated with the prices of commercial blenders in South Africa and today it is our mission to bring the best blenders to South Africa at affordable prices. We offer free door-to-door delivery via courier anywhere in South Africa and a 3-year warranty on all parts (plus an optional extended 7-year warranty.)

A good blender is an essential item in any kitchen, even if it’s only used as a smoothie-maker. But with so many blenders on the market, how do you know which is right for you? What should you look for when you buy a blender?

Don’t limit yourself to a traditional domestic blender. Choose a commercial blender – the kind used by professionals in restaurants, hotels and cafés – and you’ll be surprised at how easy it suddenly becomes to whip up a breakfast smoothie or a hearty vegetable soup.

Most commercial blenders are built to withstand intensive use (an average of 15 times a day) and to perform heavy-duty blending (like frozen fruit or ice), which means your blender’s longevity is guaranteed.

Here are some questions to ask when you buy a commercial blender for your home:

  • How powerful is the blender? Domestic blenders are not capable of blending the toughest ingredients (like nuts). A 3HP blender will give you the kind of power that’s required to blend, mash, purée, stir, mix and grind, and even crush ice.
  • What speed is the blender? A high-speed blender – with at least six blades and a blade rotation rate of at least 38,000 per minute – will do its job quickly and efficiently.
  • Is it easy to use? Commercial shouldn’t mean complicated! With the right commercial blender you can create fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies or cocktails in a jiffy, but you can also extend your kitchen offerings to include dips, salsa, desserts, purées and even ice cream.
  • Is it easy to clean? The right home blender should be convenient for the entire family to use – and clean afterwards.
  • Is the blender compact? The right commercial blender should be attractive enough to leave out and easy to store away when you need to.
  • Is the blender energy-efficient? An energy-efficient blender means the motor cools down quicker and ultimately lasts longer.
  • Is it affordable? Unfortunately many cheap blenders in South Africa don’t perform optimally, while most professional blenders come with a hefty price tag.

OmniBlend is an online store dedicated to bringing the best blenders to South Africa. We’re health-conscious food lovers who became frustrated with blenders available in South Africa, and with their prices! We offer free door-to-door delivery via courier to anywhere in South Africa. Our blenders come with a warranty of 3 years on all parts, as well as an optional extended 7-year warranty.

A blender is a simple kitchen item that does all the tough jobs like pureeing, blending, squelching and many others time consuming kitchen activities amazingly. There are many companies which are offering a wide range of Electric Blender in South Africa. These blenders are modishly equipped with latest features and are multifunctional. Also, you will be amazed to know that with this one kitchen tool you can prepare number of delicacies within few minutes. One of the best things about these blenders is their easy accessibility; you do not require any professional induction to operate this multifunctional kitchen appliance. 

Of course, lot of variety available in 3hp Blender can bewilder one’s mind at the time of purchase therefore it is highly recommended to do a thorough research before buying a one for you. Food blenders in South Africa come with advanced functions so that you can prepare the stuff just like professional chefs. If you love to prepare new tastes at everyday then such kind of blending appliance is the perfect object that you actually need in your kitchen. It can help you in making different- different drinks which are not only pleasing to taste but are healthier too.

Quality is the main factor that has to be considered when buying any kitchen appliance as these appliances are used on a daily basis. A high quality blender never disappoints the user in the terms of quality and its functionality. Moreover, it is not necessary that a blender which is good in quality and looks good has heavy price tag. Numbers of companies are offering fair deals in kitchen blenders. The latest range of cheap Blenders offered by such companies is designed with modern looks and comes with assured warranty period. Honestly, a blender can last for a longer time period if you use it wisely and take proper care of it.

Blenders with 3hp feature are considered as the best blenders in the market. The 950 watt motor and the blade with 38,000 RPM make these 3hp blending accessories more efficient than others. To make your blending experience even much better, many companies provide a free recipe book so that you can cook the wonderful flavors without wasting your time in thinking process... It allows you to serve a new delight to your loved ones at every day.

When you Buy Blenders for your personal use, you must consider the company’s reputation and after sales services it is offering to its customers. The main objective of every esteemed company is to provide 100% satisfaction to its clients. Nowadays many reputed companies are providing an option to Buy Blender Online so that you don’t have to waste your time by visiting their sited stores.


Kitchen appliances attract all of us because of their dench features and exceptional qualities. Choppers, mixers & grinders, blending tools; these entire kitchen essentials help in easing our kitchen life. Have you ever wonder how an electric blender can perk up the look of your kitchen appliance set? Nowadays, many companies are offering great deals in electric blender in South Africa

No doubt, low-cost home blenders may appear more attractive because of their pocket friendly trait but it is not necessary that a low-cost appliance will help you in saving your cash for long. Have a look at the benefits of the Food Blenders in South Africa and decide which of these factors is important, price or quality?

Long Lifetime, Less Replacement

The major trouble with cheap blenders is that, many of them are prone to frequent breakages and their maintenance expenses surpass their actual cost. Imagine, you are spending $30 or $40 on cheap blenders and you are replacing it’s parts after every three months or so… of course you will get exhausted and you don’t even know that how much time it will take to start functioning properly. Therefore spending a little more money for a high quality brand can help you in saving a lot more money for a longer time period. Also, these blenders come with more than 3 years written assurance card.

The Powerful All-Rounder Blender

South Africa companies offer a wide range of high quality blenders at a very nominal range that come with powerful 1560 watts motor. This power is about three times more powerful than the low-priced blenders. These blenders also offer you strength similar to an industrial strength home kitchen appliance. In addition, a 3 HP blender rotate two spine stainless steel blades as rapid as 29,000 revolutions every minute. Speed as well as power unites to make certain detailed blending even at the time of crushing the ice or making smooth drinks.

Suitable Features for Trouble-Free Control

A high quality kitchen appliance has suitable controls to permit you for trouble-free day by day use. It has an auto shut off feature for better protection and a digital touchpad that makes it very easy to operate.

Complete Warranty of Happiness

These superior quality blenders value their price tag and come with assured warranty period. To have a good kitcheny experience and great customer contentment, get this multifunctional utile tool and ease your life.

Buy Blenders Online

Now you don’t have to look for spare hours from your busy schedules because for your ease and comfort, many companies offer buy blender online option and avails you with free shipping service. Your blender is just a click away from you!!! Read the instruction manual prudently for the wise use of your kitchen tool and enjoy the advantages of having a good quality powerful blender in your kitchen.


Today, when everything is getting advanced then why not kitchen tools? Cutting, chopping, blending, pureeing; all these are the daily kitchen activities which takes plenty of time and are inescapable. We cannot imagine our kitchen without a chopper, blender, mixer and grinder. They seem related to our lives. Every other work that we perform in our kitchen requires one of these equipments. OmniBlend introduces its commercial range of power-packed blenders that allows you to whomp up every delight with in a flash. 

If you are looking for a blender that performs all the functions with high performance and is of premium quality, available at an affordable price and looks awesome when placed on the kitchen platform then Voila!!! The new Omni Blend’s 3HP powered blender is one of the few blenders in market that is gifted with all these qualities. A power-packed omniblend’s high speed 3 HP blender proffers all the blending abilities you could have asked for. Blenders powered with 3HP motors are great blenders that avails you with torque, durability, and top blending outcomes!!!

Now serve the delicacies more frequently with Omniblend commercial blenders

With a 3hp powerful blender, you can effortlessly crush ice and blend the most solid items. The motor is exclusively designed for countless years of use along with a built-in safety features and the high-tech cooling system maintains coolness in this high quality Best Blender at the time of intense use. A 3hp high speed blender is the most advanced kitchen equipment which is modishly designed to modernize your kitchen and your kitchen activities. Omniblend blenders are also gifted with an automatic overload safety mechanism plus a reset key. The motor is objectively designed to be energy proficient. It holds only the quantity of wattage needed for mixing the ingredients.

Affordable neast

Omniblend blenders are diffidently priced whilst offering high and premium quality features. This makes the Omniblend cheap blenders most demanding in the market. You would not discover a DVD in the package box or else a fancy binder meant for your recipes, but yes you will find a high quality blender that ensures to provide you premium performance for years before you.

Perfect Warranty Assurance

Omniblend commercial blenders come with assured warranty period. However, warranty is not applicable when either spoons or any other strange objects are the reason for its damage. You must go through the User’s Manual for protected and accepted utilization of the product.

Have a Happy Blending with Omniblend Blenders!!


If you’re a blender fundi (or an aspiring one) or are running your own catering business, you’re going to want the best blender around. And that means it’s got to have (at least) these 4 things:

  1. a powerful motor (3HP is best for real performance)
  2. durable, precision blades (or what’s the point?)
  3. high speed (blending should be quick and hassle-free)
  4. on that note: the jug must be easy to clean (or blending becomes just another arduous kitchen chore, when really it's so much fun!)

In other words, you’re looking for a professional blender.

But I can’t afford that!

OmniBlend best blender, not just a smoothie makerIt’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that you either have to settle for a traditional domestic blender or pay sky-high prices for a professional one. And it's true that most heavy-duty blenders do come with a hefty price tag. (You’re generally looking at R9,000 minimum for a high-performance blender in South Africa.) In fact, it was his frustration with the high price of commercial blenders that led OmniBlend director Jan Folmer to bring the OmniBlend (also known as the Hi-Blend) to South Africa.  

But, here’s the deal: The OmniBlend V is a professional 3hp blender that costs only R3,299 and that includes VAT and door-to-door delivery by courier anywhere in South Africa plus a 3-year warranty on all parts. (And be sure to keep an eye on our specials!)

If you’re looking for a cheap blender that doesn’t compromise on quality, you can't go wrong with the OmniBlend V. Happy clients include café/restaurant chains like Kauai, Nino’s, Mugg & Bean as well as juice and smoothie bar Orchard on Long.

Now you can afford to accessorise too

Minimise noise with an OmniBlend sound cover, which fits smugly over the blender to keep the whole package compact. Or get yourself a larger 2 litre jug for those times when you’re dealing with chunky produce or need to feed a large and hungry audience!

Revolutionise your kitchen with a professional blender from OmniBlend. Our blenders have 6 stainless steel blades for perfect precision blending; a powerful 3HP motor to get the job done; built-in protection against burn out and electricity surge; and a nearly indestructible jar for those kitchen mishaps. 

So your staff mixer’s given in and you’re looking for something that’ll make blending easier, not more difficult. Or maybe you’ve decided to finally get your kitchen fully prepped for your emerging inner foodie. Or you want to offer your kids treats that don’t contain any ingredients you didn’t put there yourself… 

In South Africa, we often turn to domestic blenders, assuming the commercial grade blenders will be too pricey – or bulky – for the humble home. But the disadvantage of domestic blenders is that they can only handle small amounts of food or liquid at a time and struggle to crush hard ingredients like ice (for smoothies or cocktails), seeds (for flours) and nuts (for alternatives to cow’s milk). If you want a blender that will do the hard work for you, you’re looking for a heavy-duty blender.

So what exactly is a heavy-duty blender? 

It’s a blender that’s built to withstand frequent, intensive use – which means it’s going to last! Sometimes referred to as an industrial, commercial or professional blender, the right blender is all about high performance. At OmniBlend we sell a range of heavy-duty blenders, all of which have the following features:

  • 6 stainless steel blades for perfect precision blending;
  • high-speed blade rotation (at least 38,000 per minute) making it easy to crush wet or dry food;
  • a powerful 3HP (950 Watt) motor to get the job done;
  • built-in protection against burn out and electricity surge thanks to the overload reset button and thermal shut-off switch within the motor;
  • a nearly indestructible polycarbonate jar.

The good news…

You don’t have to pay professional prices to get a professional blender. OmniBlend blenders retail from only R2999 incl. VAT and delivery. They’re also incredibly compact, so you won’t have to extend your kitchen on account of your latest gadget! Worried it’ll be too noisy? Add a sound box and enjoy the power of an HP blender without waking the neighbours.


Order your heavy-duty blender from www.omniblend.co.za, where you’ll find BPA-free options, a selection of colours (black, red or stone) and the choice of 1.5 or 2 litre jugs depending on your blending requirements. Free delivery by courier anywhere in South Africa.


Are you an active homemaker who loves to blend fresh fragilities each day for your family and friends? If you are the one then you might have a requirement for blenders which are proficiently used in hotels to stay abreast of your hectic activities. Companies offering Electric Blenders in South Africa have launched a 3hp range in blending tools. So, now you can renovate your kitchen with a stylish kitchen Blender and live with a hale and hearty routine. These blenders are equipped with the recent technology features and are more powerful than any other blending appliances.

Moreover companies offering deals in Food Blenders in South Africa give assured warranty over three years. Made with high quality material, these blenders have advance features and  perform just like an industrial blending accessory. A 3hp blending tool can easily handle the heavy-duty blending jobs in a business environment very smoothly. Also, these blenders are the greatest when it comes to sturdiness and strength.

These sturdy and quality tools do not arrive with a heavy price tag; many companies are offering the latest range of 3HP blenders at astoundingly low prices. Therefore, you don’t have to look into your pocket if you want this most useful kitchen accessory to bring comfort in your kitcheny activities.

These blenders are hard-wearing as well as energy proficient and enable you to serve the yummy drinks and savory soups within seconds. The 3HP motor attached with these kitchen appliances can handle any hard blending task effortlessly with finished texture. The power, competence, and the low cost make these Cheap Blenders the most appealing and demanding in the entire South Africa.

Perchance, the best characteristic of these blenders are their capability of being multi-tasking. Please have a look at their multitasking traits which are briefed below:

  1. These blenders can make superb soft smoothies by crushing the fruit and grinding the ice.
  2. They can make delicious slushes by using its sturdy motor and stainless steel blades. It is the only kitchen tool that can turn ice cubes into a soft mushy substance.
  3. They can thrash ice cream into a smoothie milkshake.
  4. We all feel affection for avocados in our smoothie foods but along with the pulse feature, these commercial blenders can also crush avocados and mix together all the ingredients to make a pleasant guacamole!
  5. The usefulness of salsas is boundless!!! These blenders pulverizes tomatoes, fresh cilantro, peppers and some additional spices into feast dips, bean dips, party salsas, cheese dips as well as guacamole for the next party feast.
  6. They crush seeds or nuts into grinded powder for making nut flours for utilization in making parched goods or to insert protein into a smoothie.
  7. These commercial blender pounds soups into a soft or chubby constancy for the great soup texture.

Buy Blenders Online

For your comfort, many companies offer buy blenders online option to shop so get a one for you now!!

Truly, a blender is a must have accessory for every kitchen. It saves a lot of time and efforts that one has to make in cutting and chopping the veggies. Not only this, if you want scrumptious slushes, tempting milk shakes, soups & purees in minutes then also omniblend’s blender can serve you more frequently than any other blender. No matters, whether you are a callow fellow or an experienced cook, these blenders are meant for you all. If you love to serve new delights to your loved ones then a commercial 3hp blender is a perfect tool for your kitchen.

Why you should buy a commercial blender for your kitchen?

  • Commercial blenders have 3HP motor that makes you able to crush the toughest ingredients.
  • These blenders are durable in nature. Efficient use can increase the longevity of this super power kitchen tool.
  • Omniblend 3HP blenders are the cheap blenders ranging from R 2,999 only.

Omniblend Product Range and their features

Everybody has their own requirements. You can choose a blender of your choice that befits with your daily needs. The Omni V blender is one of the great blenders which is equipped with self adjusting 3HP motor and is more efficient in terms of energy. Another model, Omni 3HP blender uses electricity-watts wisely than any other 3HP blender like Hamilton beach, blendtec and others blenders.

Product range of High speed blender also includes Omniblend I BPA Free, Omniblend I - Pro, Omniblend V – BPA Free, Omniblend V – PRO. All these models are objectively designed to meet with the ultimate requirements of potentials.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Friend

A heavy price tag can pause anybody from buying a particular product. Omniblend understand your needs and value your hard earned money. You do not have to fiddle up with your budget before buying a 3hp blender. If you are really looking for a best blender then omniblend is the only solution that can cater you with the most efficient product that suits with your budget and needs both. These powerful blenders give you an option to modernize your kitchen routine; it saves your time and allows you to serve better.

So gear up and get a one for your kitchen. Now you can buy blender online by visiting at http://omniblend.co.za/ when you buy blenders online, make sure you read the product manual thoroughly.

Did you know that a commercial kitchen blender is one of the most efficient kitchen equipments that can help you in preparing health conscious meals? Nowadays, most of the people are fighting with one common problem i.e. obesity but not everybody is ready to compromise with their tastes.

Therefore, Omniblend brings in the 3hp blender range in the market with which you can easily cook healthy meals for you. An avocado can bestow your body with numerous benefits but it has a bitter taste that’s why most of us avoid it. With Omniblend commercial blender you can cook yummy guacamole by mashing avocados and mixing other ingredients in it to improve the taste. Not only this, a 3hp high speed blender can whip up anything for you instantly.

The versatile features makes you a quick Cook

A commercial blender is a multi-functional kitchen tool that helps you to serve the delicious delights more frequently just like a professional chef. You might have seen in many advertisements that how blenders squash anything within blinks. Omniblend blenders are such blenders that can turn even stones into powder. One of the best things about these great blenders is their multi-functionality.

You do not require any training to use this powerful kitchen tool. Just read the product manual and get started… Whether you want strawberry banana smoothie, watermelon strawberry juice or even any soup or juice; you can get anything ready within a single flash. 

Top reasons, why you should buy Omniblend blenders?

  • These blenders require less space to place on.
  • Omniblend 3hp blenders are one of the great blenders which are smartly designed to ease your kitchen life.
  • Omniblend blenders are cheap blenders and are easy to use.
  • These blenders make less noise and let you tiny tots have a tight sleep

Omniblend offers different models in 3hp blender range. If you are looking for something stylish and cost effective kitchen tool then Omniblend V- 1.5 Litre BPA Free model is your pick.

All the 3hp blenders carry 3 years assured warranty and come with a free recipe book. And if you buy blender online then you don’t have to pay extra for shipping charges.

There are many other models available at the store you can choose any from the list of best blenders that suits best with your cooking needs. Online shopping is the best way to buy blenders as it saves our commuting time and efforts.