Tomato juice - the antioxidant booster


Tomato juice is incredibly healthy as it’s low in calories, yet very high in nutritional value. It’s the lycopene that gives tomatoes their bright red colour, and this same lycopene is the most powerful antioxidant which has been measured in food. That aside, tomatoes are also high in vitamin C and A, so enough reasons to make them part of a healthy diet.

For this recipe we’re using the Greenis juicer.



  • 5 tomatoes
  • 1 stalk celery


    Wash the veggies, and cut the tomatoes in quarters. Remove the seeds to avoid a more bitter taste. Cut the celery in pieces of about 4cm. Assemble the Greenis juicer with the fine sieve, and switch it on. Slowly feed the pieces into the juicer, alternating tomato and celery.


    To spice it up, add some black pepper or hot sauce. Enjoy!

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