A commercial blender makes it possible to add a variety of drinks, smoothies and iced coffee options to your menu. The best blender is capable of crushing ice, frozen fruits and nuts. When buying a blender for your restaurant or coffee shop, it’s essential to consider both price and performance. Look for the power of the motor, the materials used for the moving parts, the jug, and other features that contribute to the durability of the machine. All these are critical to the lifespan of the blender, and therefore your return on investment.

OmniBlend blenders are trusted by South African coffee shops and restaurants, because of the 3 horsepower motor with 2238 Watt peak performance, the stainless steel drive socket and blade assembly, polycarbonate jug that is virtually unbreakable and easy to clean, as well as the overload protection mechanism, which prevents the motor from overheating. All this is packaged in the best value for money blenders that you find in the market (find our range and pricing here).


We’re often asked for smoothie recipes. Smoothie recipes can vary from fresh or frozen fruits blended with vegetables, yoghurts, milk or dairy-free options, to smoothie pre-mixes that offer a high quality convenient alternative. Readymade re-mixes contain flavor and nutritional value, and offer the ease of use by blending a smoothie mix with ice and liquids. This enables you to add various flavours to your smoothie menu, with low inventory. OmniBlend blenders crush ice cubes with ease, making it possible to use these smoothie packs with ice cubes and blend a high quality smooth drink, time and time again. For smoothies and iced coffees that use a lot of ice cubes or frozen fruits, we recommend the 1.5ltr jug, which has a wider base. You can opt for either the OmniBlend I – 1.5ltr or OmniBlend V – 1.5ltr. You can opt to add a sound enclosure when operating the blender in your shop front.


Contact us for suppliers of such smoothie and iced coffee recipes.

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The Coffee Exchange

We had a quick chat with Scott Nightingale, who co-owns The Coffee Exchange.  This passionate java expert’s business makes use of the OmniBlend to blend its beverages “to perfection”. 

Tell us a little bit about your business and what makes it unique.

Our business is called The Coffee Exchange and we currently have two branches [in Johannesburg], both of which make use of OmniBlend blenders.  The Coffee Exchange is an artisan roasting business that combines a high quality coffee experience with home- style food offering. The aim is to provide customers with an awesome coffee experience. Whether ordering in-store or purchasing our beans to create your own coffees at home or at work. We are incredibly passionate about what we do. Our customers love our chocolate- based drinks as we use real melted Belgian chocolate as a base. 

What do you primarily use the OmniBlend for?

We use our blenders as a smoothie maker for Freezo coffee drinks, milkshakes and smoothies. 

What has your experience using OmniBlend been like?

It is a great product and excellent value for money! You also get great after-sales service. It blends all our drinks to perfection without leaving any blocks of ice in the drink and is the perfect blender for our stores. I would even say it outperforms the Hamilton Beach and Vita mix range, and it is half the price.

Would you recommend the OmniBlend to someone looking to purchase a blender for their home and why?

Definitely, we can always rely on the blender to perform during our busy hours in our store. Plus, being able to get extra jugs makes life easier for preparing more than one type of drink and still utilising only one blender base.

 Any final words?

Thanks for the excellent service, and we will always have OmniBlend as our preferred blenders in store.

Tim Spence is the man behind Long Street’s popular smoothie and juice bar, Orchard.  He shared his thoughts on the “workhorses” that are integral to his business and why they are a good investment for any household.

If Orchard were a smoothie, what would it contain?
Orchard is such an abundance of flavours and nutrition so it's difficult to narrow it down to one smoothie.  Our new smoothie the Willy Wonka (activated charcoal, raw cacao, cashews, organic peanut butter, avocado, lucuma, vanilla, signature nutmilk, hemp protein, coconut blossom, cinnamon) is pretty rad.

What has your experience using OmniBlend been like?
It's been a wonderful thus far.  The machines are real workhorses.  Jan (the distributor of Omniblend in SA) is a pleasure to deal with - he's incredibly helpful and efficient, which makes the experience of owning an Omniblend that much better.

Would you recommend the Omniblend to someone looking to purchase a blender for their home and why?

Yes, certainly.  The blenders are the best value for money on the market and are commercial quality.  Many low- end blenders run into all sorts of problems.  The OmniBlend is durable and a great 'health' investment for any household. 

Gone is the time when a kitchen was hovered with a collection of diverse food machines. Omniblend has revolutionized the kitchen assortments by offering the most practical blenders. With exquisite craftsmanship and superb high-tech, Omniblend prowess is unmatched in the industry. Giving viable, practical and quality blenders is their first and endless goal. 

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Health life starts with taking nutritious blend fruits, vegetables etc. Consumption of raw blend food is a mean to rich health. An efficient blender is imperative to stress-free and faster blending. If you are out shopping for a blender in the market then, high speed blenders will definitely give you ultimate satisfaction. Unlike others, the high speed blenders have the ability to make nut butter, pulverize coffee beans, and make smooth and exemplary drinks. 

Perhaps for high food value, high speed blender should not be an option but an obvious choice. These blenders totally break food giving our bodies’ higher ability of absorption.


High speed blenders have stood the test of time. They are tailored to last for a long period, probably whole lifetime. Certainly their warranties are quite extensive, covering you from any exposure to risk of failure or non performance.

Are you spending a whole day blending? Try the high speed blenders- OmniBlend V etc!

Time is an important resource. The high speed blenders will definitely save your time in the following ways-

1. Ability to handle large chunks of food, saving you stress of chopping food into small pieces before blending.
2. Unlike other blenders, they have an inbuilt ability to crush a lot of food all at once.
3. Easy to clean.
4. Faster in blending, substantially reducing time lags.

Is the blender price an important facet to consider when making a decision to buy a blender?

Apart from the watt power, the size of the jar, style of the design, etc, blender price is an important consideration when buying a blender. Certainly most people will go for the cheap low end blender going up to 30 dollar. It is all in human buying behavior, however it is imperative to compare the performance of the blender and its cost. Mostly higher cost will be reflected in efficiency, durability, ease of use and clean justifying the notion that cheap can be expensive in the long run.

Such considerations will land us on high performance blenders like the omniBlend V. Performance, durability and ease to use are some of the tenets exhibited in the OmniBlend V which forms the major cross industrial considerations when buying a blender.


Eating a healthy breakfast is not always easy, especially when time is short. Thankfully, a high speed blender can help reduce the amount of time required to make breakfast and provide a healthy alternative to fast food. Making a breakfast smoothie in the Omniblend will provide a tasty treat without any unhealthy effects.

Fruit and Vegetables

The best element of making a breakfast in the Omniblend is the ability to incorporate a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Select a favorite fruit or two and then add it to the blender. Put in a vegetable that balances well with the fruit, such as cucumber or carrots, and blend it together.

A healthy breakfast in a high speed blender takes only a few minutes to make, but it can have a lasting impact on the energy available throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are full of healthy nutrients and antioxidants. 

Adding Nuts

When a fruit and vegetable smoothie is not enough, adding a few nuts can help bring balance to the mix. The OmniblendV is able to break up the nuts and mix it in with the fruits and vegetables. The addition of nuts in the OmniblendV will provide protein and healthy fats. In general, a small handful of nuts is enough to improve satisfaction while drinking the smoothie.

Selecting a Blender

The best blenders for sale are not always great at making smoothies. A breakfast smoothie starts with selecting a blender that will give the best results without leaving behind large chunks of fruit, vegetables or nuts.

A blender sale is the best way to get a deal on the best blenders. During a blender sale, it is possible to get a high cost blender at a reasonable price. A cheap blender is not always a poor choice when it is powerful and high speed.

After finding a cheap blender that is powerful enough for a fast breakfast smoothie, it is possible to get started on new breakfast ideas and snacks.

By deciding to buy blenders, it is possible to enjoy a healthier meal plan. Blenders for sale can cut back on the price while the purpose of enjoying a healthier breakfast is maintained.

Taking the time to buy blenders that bring healthy foods together in a single breakfast smoothie will result in better health. Enjoying a smoothie that contains fruits, vegetables and nuts will provide energy for the entire day. 

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What is top 3 of benefits of using a blender? Here is what we think.

A Blender Releases the Antioxidants

Antioxidants are known to protect the body from free radicals that can attack cells and cause diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Free radicals are molecules that come from environmental sources like secondhand smoke and radiation. Free radicals are also produced inside the body when food is broken down. The highest levels of antioxidants are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables. In order to release these antioxidants, the skin must be completely broken down. The average human does not chew long enough to release all of the antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables they eat. This is where a 3-horsepower blender comes in handy.

This powerful commercial blender is able to "masticate" the skin and release the antioxidants inside. Thus, a healthy natural drink is produced which provides much needed antioxidants that adults need to stay healthy, without having to take a pill that is expensive, tastes bad, and may not be doing enough to actually aid in increasing one's health. In fact, the majority of vitamin supplements on the market today have not been proven effective in laboratory studies or by the FDA. Also, many of these supplements need to be taken with certain foods or other supplements that contain another vitamin in order for the antioxidants to absorb once swallowed.

Healthier Smoothies Made with Fresh Fruits

The ongoing popularity of smoothies has made available hundreds of powdered or prepackaged smoothie drinks. However, these are often made with juice concentrates and over-sugared. The vitamins and minerals are lost during the packaging process, leaving sugars and empty calories for consumers to drink. Making smoothies at home ensures that the healthy parts of the drink stay in the drink. Plus, the amount of sugar is controlled. The best blender will emulsify whole fruits or vegetables, seeds and all, and a 3-horsepower blender is what will get this job done. Homemade smoothies are a healthy and smart way to start the day for adults and children. In addition, on a design and style note, you can choose from a variety of colors for your 3 hp blender to complement the kitchen, so it can stay out on the counter, regularly used, instead of hidden in a cabinet and forgotten.

A Blender Will Do the Job

One 3-horsepower blender is all that is needed in the kitchen to mix, chop, and blend desired foods. It fully replaces processors, leaving just one appliance to clean. From the choice of blenders for sale, you may think a 1- or 2-horsepower blender is all that's needed for in-home use, but with these, you still have to pull out the processor and cut everything into tiny slices before blending it. A 3 hp blender saves a lot of time and creates very little waste when the entire fruit or vegetable is used. These powerful blenders are also able to crush ice in seconds without dulling the blades. As can be seen, owning a commercial blender at home provides many cost-effective, health and time-saving benefits.


If you work a high stress job or simply don't have time to prepare meals during the work week, a high speed blender from Omniblend is the solution to need to maintain your focus and energy during the day. The right combinations of nutrients ensures you have the fuel that you need to complete tasks. Finding OmniblendV blenders for sale allow you to use your work breaks to prepare nutritious, delicious smoothies made from fresh fruits, vegetables and natural energy promoting ingredients like ginseng.

Regaining Energy

The first step to regaining your energy is to look for a high speed blender that can be used to make smoothies from raw ingredients. You can buy blenders and use them to incorporate natural energy supplements into your diet without worrying about the hassle of cooking a meal. B vitamins are well-known for their energy increasing benefits. You should also make sure that the foods you put into your smoothies have the vitamins and minerals that you need to be healthy.

A lack of energy in the afternoon and evening is often the result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Try using a variety of vegetables and fruits when creating smoothies with your Omniblend. For example, green smoothies made from kale, apples and other natural ingredients provides you with a wide range of nutrients. Spice it up with some red pepper, an ingredient that has been shown to increase energy and reduce pain and inflammation in the body. With the right ingredients, you have the advantage of increasing your energy levels holistically.

Building Your Health

Most of us turn to caffeine products, like coffee or energy drinks, to make it through the afternoon. Instead of turning to caffeine, buy cheap blenders that will utilize natural ingredients to maintain your energy levels naturally. Sugary and caffeine laden products cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, leading to a crash that makes you crave more of the product. A cheap blender gives you the tools that you need to maintain a balance in your energy levels.

You can buy blenders for both home and the office inexpensively. Look for a high quality product like the OmniblendV to ensure you are prepared to meet the demands of the day for a long time to come. You can also wait for a blender sale to save a little money on the blender that you prefer. You can find blenders for sale online, or you can shop a local blender sale if you want to be sure that you have the right product for your personal needs.

Author Bio-

Mark is professional content writer of Omniblend V is high speed blender with 3hp power for commercial kitchen uses. Omniblend V is cheap and best blender with wide range of facility.

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You want to make your  perfect smoothies using an Omni Blender? It takes just a sip of a smoothie for anyone to develop a craving for this refreshing and healthy treat. So how can one make a perfect smoothie with one's own kitchen blender when the craving strikes? Truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect smoothie: it is simply one that fits the taste and preference of the person having it.

Fortunately, smoothies are easy to prepare thanks to the simplicity of the steps and ingredients involved. Everyone can make a smoothie using a simple food blender, whether it is for health, refreshment, entertaining guests or even for business. You can pick a recipe from hundreds published on the Internet or create your own as you prefer. Whatever recipe you want, you will inevitably need three or four at the most basic components: the liquid base, the fruit or vegetable mix, the crushed ice and, optionally, the special additives.

Here are the steps in the right order: 1. Pouring the liquid base into the Omni Blender. Start with 1-2 cups of your liquid base, be it water, juice, milk, even tea and coffee depending on your taste and diet. Yogurt is also a great choice as it is loaded with lactobacilli-probiotics that aid digestion and other minerals. As you start the blender and create a mini-vortex that will pull down your smoothie ingredients, insert your preferred fruits or vegetables.

Step 2. Adding the fruits and vegetables. Before blending prepare your ingredients by chopping fruits into diced pieces and shredding vegetables. If you prefer a heartier mix, freeze your diced fruits so that you'll need less ice.  Juicier fruits need less liquid too. Use any fruit of your liking especially ones that are in season. Bananas come all year round and serve as great thickeners that mix well with other flavors. For a green smoothie always add the fruit before the veggies, as greens tend to float and stay in the middle of the vortex away from the blades. The fruit puree helps create a stronger vortex to pull the greens down to the blades. More importantly, blending smoothies also activates phytochemicals - special nutrients that come from plants - and evens flavors from the ingredients.

The Omni Blend "pulse" feature.
Omni Blend's food blenders are equipped with a pulse switch which adds a jolt to your blending process. With it, you can crush any ice and large fruit pieces before running it on high. Push down any remaining solid ingredient at the top using the tamper which comes with your Omni Blender (other brands do not provide one), or stop the unit for a while and push down the ingredients with a spoon. NEVER use a spoon while the blades are running! Added flavors, specials. Many blend for specific dietary requirements - like athletes, hospital patients and the elderly. Additives such as protein and vitamin powders, chlorella and spirulina spike up smoothies' nutritional contents. For others, ice cream, natural flavorings such as honey and cinnamon, even peanut butter, adds an extra kick to the blend. Follow these simple tips and you're sure to get your perfect smoothie: the one that fits your taste and liking!


The differences between domestic blenders and industrial blenders are easy to see, but the real distinction is inside. What is easy to see is the size of the blades, the bowl, and the overall size of the blender. What is not seen is the power of the motor, the design of the blade connection, and possibly the functional features. There are mixers that look as good as a home blender, yet are strong enough for commercial environments because of the configuration.

Speed and Power

Two of the biggest differences that you need to know about blender model are the speed cycles and the power. Most blenders come equipped with a range series of speeds; this comes in handy when you want to start out slow with larger pieces of food, and speed up to get to your final consistency. Power is the other distinction of blender models that matter to cooks and bartenders everywhere. A domestic blender that is only used occasionally for chopping or mixing can be a low power blender, but when you will be using your mixer for an industrial blender, having a high power motor that will not break down after extensive mixing is a necessity. The speed of blender models are actually measured in horsepower, and usually run from 11 mph, to 240 mph. The power is measured in amps or watts, an average domestic blender can be 175 watts, while an industrial blender may be 1440 watts.

Blender Bowls

The container a blender uses, is another difference to consider when deciding between a domestic blender or an industrial blender. Bowls are made of either, plastic, glass, or stainless steel and each have their own advantages. Plastic is lightweight, and you can see what is inside, but it can absorb smells. Stainless steel is sturdy, easy to clean, does not absorb odors, and is eye-catching, but you can't see through it. Glass, the most popular choice, is sturdy, it will not hold odors, it is easy to clean, but it can break. Before buying any of the blender models, consider what you will be using the blender for, most home blenders use glass while an industrial blender uses stainless steel.

Blender Models

The following blender models are both domestic blenders, and Industrial blenders, the differences are in the price, the power, and the features.

The Vitamix Blender has many functions as a blender. It grinds grain to a fine powder, makes ice cream, and does simple chopping jobs. The Vitamix blender is strong, quiet and fast, with an approximate price of $450.00

A Hamilton Beach Blender can be as inexpensive as $15.00 for the simple model, and as expensive as $2,700 for the commercial blender. The lower priced Hamilton Beach blenders are for basic chopping and mixing, and can have a plastic, or glass bowl.

Omniblend blenders range in price from, $280.00 to $400.00. These heavy-duty blenders are considered professional grade, but look good enough to put on a counter. The Omniblend blenders are capable of turning ice cubes into a fine snow, and they are rated as 20% quieter than many other brands.

Blendtec blenders are multifunction blenders that are strong, and powerful enough to make dough, and ice cream, and useful for everyday chopping. The Blendtec blenders prices range from $79.00 to $650.00.

The Omega Blender has many models ranging in price from $85.00, to $1600.00. All of the Omega blenders have variable speeds, and come with a choice of bowl materials. The compact design is as efficient as any blender model and will crush ice and blend ice cream.


It is important to know the difference between domestic blenders and industrial blenders before you make a purchase. If you take into consideration how often your blender/mixer will be used, the tasks you want it to accomplish, the price, and the differences in the blender models, you will find a blender that serves you well.

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