Introducing the Greenis F-9010 slow juicer

The Greenis F-9010 is a high-end slow juicer for home use. It features a double edged GE-Ultem auger and slow working speed of 65rpm giving genuine cold press juicing.

As it is a vertical juicer, gravity eases feeding the produce into the juicer, without the need to push or press. The juicer will do the juicing, slowly rotating to efficiently press high nutritious juices.

The vertical cold press juicers are the most versatile type of juicers on the market with great performance on a wide range of produce. The power consumption is low with just 150Watts, keeping it environmentally friendly. And there's more value for money: the Greenis F-9010 juicer is a multi-purpose juicer as it comes with a coarse screen, fine screen, homogenising screen, and a tofu making kit. Watch some demonstration videos here.

This high quality juicer is tried and tested, with good reviews all over:

Ready to get your own Greenis juicer? You can order it here, and we deliver to you for free, in 2 business days.

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